Quotes from real FRETZIN clients.

For my Roundtable programs:

Everyone in RRT has a substantial book of business, has a mindset and a hunger to develop more, and ‘gets it’ when it comes to networking and creating referral relationships with others.

Neil Dishman
Neil Dishman
Principal at Jackson Lewis, P.C.

Steve’s RRT Group is excellent, and I highly recommend it. Steve has created a framework where you have the opportunity to regularly interact with and share ideas with other attorneys who have had great business development success in their respective fields. We also get the benefit of Steve’s and other guest speakers’ invaluable insights on ways to continue to improve our marketing and business development efforts. I have really enjoyed the Group.

Robert Bernstein
Robert Bernstein
Partner at Laner Muchin

Regardless of type of practice or size of firm, client development challenges are universal. Crowdsourcing successful approaches to these challenges among other lawyers who are focused on client development is invaluable and the RRT platform makes it possible.

Jamie Rubin Headshot
Jamie Rubin
Managing Partner of Info Law Group

Steve Fretzin‘s Rainmakers Round Table makes me feel like Dorothy coming home in The Wizard of Oz. Like Dorothy, everything I need I can find in my own backyard … the skill set I have to offer, passion for the work I do and the means to connect with other people and communicate in a way that creates lasting relationships of trust and confidence.

Anita Ventrelli headshot
Anita Ventrelli
Senior Partner at Schiller, DuCanto & Fleck, LLP

RRT is like a Vistage group on marketing steroids. Steve’s recipe for the Roundtable is to mix his latest business development ideas with great outside speakers and the participation of peak performers on a mission to raise the bar even higher.

Jerry Holisky Headshot
Jerry Holisky
Managing Partner at Aronberg Goldgehn

Real Reviews From Real Fretzin Clients

Steve is the best of the best at his job and the tremendous services he offers. I was able to quadruple my clientele thanks to his tutelage. I continue to recommend him to any of my colleagues.

Octavio Duran
Octavio Duran
Owner of Duran Law Offices

In the year after working with Steve, I more than tripled my volume of legal business and had one of the most profitable years in my 25 years of practicing the law.

Neville Reid headshot
N. Neville Reid
Partner at Fox, Swibel, Levin & Carroll, LLP

Steve has a proven system for helping lawyers succeed at developing high-value clients. Steve emphasizes building relationships and provides the tools to do that. I often felt “busy” at business development, but sometimes unproductive. Steve helped me focus on where and how to best spend my time and resources. I also better understand how and why buyers make decisions and can tailor my meetings to meet them where they are and help move them to a well informed choice of counsel. His six-month course was very valuable and was time and money well invested.

Clint Schumacher
Clint Schumacher
Dawson & Sodd, LLP.

Steve helped me develop a solid business development strategy and has provided invaluable advice in its execution. Because of this, my practice has experienced consistent growth since working with Steve, as opposed to the roller coaster ups and downs of business development before. I recommend Steve without hesitation to any attorney serious about growing a book of business in a smart, efficient manner.

Justin Strane
Justin Strane
Partner at Front Door Legal

Working with Steve has had a significant impact on my estate planning practice. The rate of new clients increased 300%. The rate of adding new people to my mailing list (thus increasing contacts with potential clients) increased 400%. I highly recommend him!

David Gower
David Gower
Partner at Lillig & Thorsness, Ltd.

I worked with Steve Fretzin as he helped me sharpen and hone my networking skills, as well as grow my book of business. He is fantastic and I can’t recommend him highly enough! He provided practical tools to develop better relationships with your network and attract clients, and I believe these tools work well for female and male attorneys alike. He was mindful in tailoring his program to fit my needs and personality. He also held me accountable to my goals and pushed me to reach them! Thank you, Steve!

Colleen Breems
Colleen Breems
Attorney at LaVelle Law, Ltd.

Working with Steve to refine my business development skills has been a tremendous opportunity. He is quickly able to take what seems like such a hard and scary part of being a lawyer and turn it into something that is so simple and straightforward, you wonder why you didn’t figure it out on your own. And then when you implement the strategies he teaches, you immediately begin to reap the rewards. I no longer dread networking or seeking new business. Thanks to Steve, I know exactly what needs to be done and when I should be doing it. If you are a lawyer who has struggled with business development and growing your book, give Steve a call. He is absolutely worth the investment.

Heather Macklin
Shareholder, Davis Kuelthau, s.c.

Before working with Steve, I lacked discipline in my networking and forming of strategic partnerships to get new business. I dreaded networking. I dreaded “sales.” As a female solo at the start of my career, I faced some pretty steep challenges, but with Steve’s help he guided me to a path of discipline, cogent strategy, and more enjoyment of everyday networking. All of this resulted in more business and higher quality business. Always available to chat and strategize, working with Steve is the best investment we ever made.

Amy Scoma Cramer
Amy Scoma Cramer
Founder of Cramer Law, P.C.

Working with Steve has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my career. His communication methods are adaptable to any practice area and any individual style. Thanks to Steve’s coaching, I’ve been able to truly focus and grow my practice over the last year. The results have far exceeded my own expectations.

Angela Gamalski Headshot
Angela Gamalski
Partner at Honigman

I had the privilege of being a student in Steve’s business development course for attorneys. By implementing his processes and methodology I was able to get time I was “wasting” on “networking” back for myself while almost immediately seeing an increase in revenue. Aside from being amazing at what he does, Steve is also a great friend who has introduced me to great groups and professionals throughout the US and always willing to lend a hand (or ear). 11 out of 10!

Arturo Arca Headshot
Arturo Arca
Partner at Trembly Law Firm

Steve is great at getting you to look at practice development in a whole different light. I was uncomfortable seeking new business, but I’ve always liked helping people. He gave me the tools and comfort to see business development not as sales but as an offer to help. Changing my approach over the last six months has led to a jump in my new originations, two-fold last year, and I’ve already surpassed that figure in the first two months of this year. Thanks, Steve!

Phillip Barengolts
Phillip Barengolts
Partner at Pattishall McAuliffe Newbury Hilliard & Geraldson LLP

Steve’s class provided a valuable outline and structure for business development. Utilizing Steve’s approach directly led to obtaining new business and solidify my practice moving forward. My approach to marketing, sales and networking has changed and the results speak for themselves.

Patrick Clancy
Patrick Clancy
Partner at Rock, Fusco & Connelly, LLC

Steve is an exceptional business development coach. His enthusiasm and optimism are infectious, and he models what he preaches. I recommend Steve without reservation to lawyers wanting expert, hands-on, smart advice on growing one’s book of business.

Gary Savine
Gary Savine
Savine Employment Law, Ltd.

Thanks to Steve’s coaching, I’ve been able to triple the amount of my referrals this year. Steve is very hands on and helped me create a process that has completely changed my approach to networking. I highly recommend Steve!

Chance Badertscher
Chance Badertscher
Attorney at LaVelle Law, Ltd.

Steve has tremendous knowledge and a nose for business development in the legal services industry. He’s acutely figured out the best way attorneys can develop business and network connections. For those attorneys looking for best practices in the legal business development world, I would encourage them to sit down and have a coffee with Steve.

Brian Michalek
Brian Michalek
Partner at Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP

Steve Fretzin is an incredibly guy. His class and overall training were instrumental to my success. He separates himself from the others by truly caring and investing in his clients. He is committed to the success of each and every person that he works with. Taking his class has given me a new perspective on marketing, sales and networking. It was a great investment for me.

James Wideikis
James Wideikis
Partner at Much Shelist, P.C.

As an attorney, where would I have learned how to grow a sustainable business?? Steve Fretzin is more than a teacher of business development; he acts as a doctor to diagnose and eliminate the issues we attorneys face every day in attempting to grow a law practice. Whether you are a highly seasoned attorney or just starting out, you will definitely benefit from his insights and teachings. I strongly recommend Steve!

John Ambrogi
John Ambrogi
Partner at Latimer LeVay Fyock LLC

Steve is a valuable marketing and business development advisor. Working with Steve has made my meetings more productive, focused and ultimately more valuable. He is very creative and helps find multiple pathways towards increasing business promptly. To add even more value, Steve has a broad base of friends and contacts, and is excellent at connecting people.

Marc Siegel
Marc Siegel
Principal at Siegal & Dolan Ltd.

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