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I’ve had the privilege to work with Steve to increase my productivity and overcome my reluctance when in group networking situations. Steve was able to break the process down for me, which helped me grow my confidence level and generate new business.

Ron Bockstahler

Working with Steve Fretzin demystified business development for me. Steve taught me specific, accessible strategies to help build my book of business and (kindly) prodded and pushed me along the way. I would recommend Steve to any attorney serious about business development.

Andrew Abrams


Steve is the real deal in coaching attorneys and developing business. I know this from experience. I am an attorney in practice for 36 years, whom he has been coaching for about three months. He has gotten me organized and educated about business development far beyond where I was before meeting him. With Steve’s guidance I have developed dozens of new contacts.

Andy Robert Norman


Steve is knowledgeable, accessible, and so helpful in coaching attorneys who are looking to expand their networks and books of business. His insight is invaluable, and I have truly enjoyed working with him and learning from him. Highly recommend!

Colleen Hurley

I worked with Steve when I first made a lateral transition 7 years ago. Working with Steve changed my mind set on business development and helped me focus on growing my book of business instead of wasting time. The work I did with Steve and the continual insight from him over the years have really helped me continue to grow my practice and still have time to enjoy life. I highly recommend Steve to anyone who is serious about growing their book of business!

Adam Moreland

Steve has taught me how to use his logical, easy-to-follow approach to generating new clients. As a result, my law office has valuable new cases and I have connected with referral sources I would not have found on my own.

Sean C. Burke

Personal Injury Lawyer

I was uncomfortable seeking new business, but I’ve always liked helping people. Steve gave me the tools and comfort to see business development not as sales but as an offer to help. Changing my approach over the last six months has led to a jump in my new originations, two-fold last year, and I’ve already surpassed that figure in the first two months of this year.

Phillip Barengolts

Phillip Barengolts


Steve has helped me to focus on my marketing efforts and develop a concrete and practical business plan. My goal was to become more organized with marketing, and Steve helped me to achieve that goal. The bottom line is that my business has grown substantially this year and Steve is one of the main reasons for this growth.

David J. Feinberg


I believe I am pretty savvy when it comes to building my business, but there has not been a time when I have heard Steve Fretzin talk that he has not given me some ideas, skills or challenges that were not already in my bag of tricks. I find most people who teach about how to market service businesses to have limited ideas. Steve’s just seem endless.

Erica Minchella

Real Estate, Short Sales & Foreclosure Defense

On top of all of his “academic” expertise, Steve is an extremely valuable in-the-trenches networking partner. He will teach you the theory of networking. That is part of what you are hiring him for. His network and “give first” philosophy come as an unexpected and welcome bonus.

Greg Grove

Private Equity & Venture Capital Attorney

In the year after working with Steve, I more than tripled my volume of legal business and had one of my most profitable years in my 25 years of practicing law. The business generation skills I acquired or sharpened by working with Steve substantially contributed to that success. I HIGHLY recommend Steve to anyone seeking to “up their game” as a lawyer or other professional.

Neville Reid headshot

N. Neville Reid


Steve’s process is straightforward and really helped me refine my approach with clients.

Jim Interlandi

As an attorney, where would I have learned how to grow a sustainable business? Steve Fretzin is more than a teacher of business development, he acts as a doctor to diagnose and eliminate the issues we attorneys face every day in attempting to grow a law practice. Whether you are a highly seasoned attorney or just starting out, you will definitely benefit from his insights and teachings. I strongly recommend Steve!

John Ambrogi

John L. Ambrogi


I’ve been to many sales training programs and yours is one of the best. That’s because it nailed down a manageable strategy along with the tactics to get the job done. Your planning process helps professionals connect more effectively with new clients.

Thomas Ciesielka

Steve Fretzin is an incredible guy. His class and overall training was instrumental to my success. He separates himself from the others by truly caring and investing in his clients. He is committed to the success of each and every person that he works with. Taking his class has given me a new perspective on marketing, sales and networking. It was a great investment for me.

James Wideikis

James Wideikis

Litigation Principal

Steve has helped me take my business to the next level through strategic planning and the implementation of the detailed plan he helped me structure. Very knowledgeable in the sales process and motivating. I would recommend Steve to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

Charlie Stewart


Steve has been a very valuable resource to me with his numerous coaching tips, vast list of contacts and availability to answer questions and offer creative suggestions. My practice has unquestionably grown after working with Steve and maintaining contact with him for many years.

Mark Litner

Steve is an excellent coach in every sense – a teacher, strategist and motivator just to name a few qualities. Steve has given me the knowledge, structure and confidence to effectively expand my marketing efforts and capture business in competitive situations. I would highly recommend Steve if you are serious about growing your practice.

Ronald A. Nyberg, Esq.





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