Podcasting for Lawyers: For a Select Few, It May Be The Promised Land

Have you ever watched a late-night talk show and wondered, could I do that? I have. That being said, it was never something I took seriously or pursued beyond my creative and wandering mind.  Interestingly enough, today we are all “out there” on social media asking questions, sharing our thoughts and providing strong opinions. In some ways, we are all doing our own version of “MeTV.”

While podcasting might have been around for 20-plus years, most people began listening when our phones provided accessibility through our apps. Personally, I’ve only been listening to podcasts for about five years. I love the way the information and entertainment are delivered, along with a wide variety of show options. Most importantly for me, it’s the ability to do other things while listening (e.g., walking the dog, driving or finally cleaning the garage) that is most compelling.

A few years ago I was invited to speak on my friend Tina Martini’s show, Paradigm Shift (shout out to Tina!) about legal business development for lawyers. We had a blast and I had to inquire about her show to better understand what was really involved. She shared her experiences with me and I was intrigued by the potential to widen my audience and help more lawyers through quality content.

If you haven’t already heard my show BE THAT LAWYER, it’s worth a listen. We’re currently producing two shows a week, with amazing guests who provide tactical and actionable ways to grow your law practice. The result after a year of doing podcasts has been nothing short of a “game-changer” for me. For the purposes of this article and to benefit you directly, here are five reasons you may want to start your own podcast.

Reason #1. Meet AMAZING new people.

Part of running an interview-style show is obtaining and speaking with interesting guests. In addition to targeting specific people who might be a good fit, it’s remarkable to see the guests who are being directed to you through your network, past guests and even public relations folks looking to get their clients on air. You can really grow your network of influencers by inviting quality people on your show.

Reason #2. Don’t say you’re an expert, prove it!

There’s something magical that happens in an interview when you’re actively listening and present; you have the ability to share wisdom with your audience in a truly authentic way. While it’s generally a conversation between two people, the questions you ask during the back-and-forth repartee and the idea-sharing that occurs can lead your listener to believe in your expertise. The end result may be a loyal following of listeners who want to engage with you.

Reason #3. You’re creating amazing new content that can be easily repurposed.

So you may be thinking, podcasting sounds like a lot of work and time that I don’t have. If you’re smart, you can outsource 90% of the production and focus solely on the guest interviews. Once a show is completed, you can upload it and let your production team do the rest. Then, you can have it transcribed and edited for a blog, you can create a YouTube video around it, or post it on your website to help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Reason #4. You may not get famous, but you will be noticed.

There’s something about podcasting that’s different from all other forms of media. There’s a cross-promotional element between you and your guest that acts as a branding multiplier. For example, when I post my podcast episode on LinkedIn and my guest does the same, we double our branding efforts with that combined effort. I get into their world and he/she gets into mine. Then on top of that, the audience may share the episode with others as well. The end result may be a boom in your branding efforts unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Reason #5. Hate doing business development? Let it come to you.

Probably the best part of producing a quality podcast is the traction it creates for your business development efforts. When you get six months into it and start building a following, people really feel like they know you. Think about that. If trust is paramount to hiring a lawyer, you are building that through your honesty and authenticity. Additionally, you may interview GCs, CEOs and other high-profile people that might want to talk shop after the recording has stopped. What a wonderful way to get new business!

To be clear, starting your own podcast isn’t for everyone. It takes creativity and an ongoing commitment to producing quality content that builds an audience. If you are interested in building your brand in a new and exciting way, podcasting may be the platform for you.

For advice on how to get started, or to talk through any questions you may have, please email me at [email protected] and I can help guide you to the right people.