When it Comes to Marketing, Let’s Make 2022 the Year of ONE THING

If you are looking for a fun, engaging and educational way to consume content on legal business development and marketing growth, check out my podcast BE THAT LAWYER. While this might sound like a commercial for my own show, it’s really about encouraging you to not be “that kid in a candy shop.” Most attorneys share with me that there’s countless options for marketing and, quite frankly, too many distractions related to marketing. They are feeling overwhelmed and end up doing too many things badly  (eating too many Blow Pops and Hershey Kisses and getting a stomach-ache) or resolving to do nothing at all (walking by the candy shop entirely and not experiencing the goodness that abounds). Sound familiar? Let’s take a few minutes together and walk through your marketing options and how to ultimately make the best choice for you and your law practice.

Step #1. Think about who your target audience really is? These are the buyers or referring parties you are trying to reach and connect with. Ask yourself:

  • Are they referring attorneys? If so, which ones? What practice areas are they in?
  • Are they General Counsels? Business owners? Are they locally or nationally based?
  • Are my clients’ individual consumers or businesses?

The key here is to isolate and focus on the best targets, because knowing who you are trying to reach is the most important thing when investing time, money and energy in marketing.

Step #2. Consider how and where your targets consume content. If you’re unsure, here’s crazy and wild idea…Ask them! Just email or call a few clients or referral sources and ask.

  • Are they on social media? Which platforms?
  • Are they reading newsletters? Which ones? What’s in them?
  • How about blogs, published articles or books?
  • Podcasts are huge right now. Do they listen? Which ones and why?

Even if your buyers take in content from a variety of media/marketing channels, my suggestion and the theme of this article is to just pick one and FOCUS on doing it really well.

Step #3. Research the different platforms and vendors to make your life easier. When I was interested in writing for the CDLB, I spoke with a few other columnists and asked what was involved. Not only did I learn more about it, I also was given the inroad to my now editor of six years, Emma (who is awesome. Hi Emma!). The point is that you’re not the first person or lawyer to market yourself, so talk with others to get the lay of the land.

When I speak with friends and clients about my podcast, they think it must be all consuming for me doing two shows a week for the past few years. Here’s my dirty little secret… I have a team that produces the show. For me it only takes just over an hour a week, in total! Then, my outsourced marketing team handles my newsletter and social media accounts to get the show marketed properly. Easy as pie and the return on investment and brand growth has been massive. Again, research the marketing channels and the vendors who can help you get it done.

Step #4. Like our friends over at Nike say– just do it! Pick one main marketing channel to focus on and commit to it fully through 2022. Just like with business development, you must create a plan, schedule time to get it completed and then measure the results to make improvements as you go.  Your mindset must be positive and your commitment to completing the marketing initiative each month undeniable.

For me, 2021 was the year of the podcast. My podcast just went over 20,000 downloads and I’ve picked up a half-dozen new clients directly from my show BE THAT LAWYER, just since its inception last year. Additionally, my podcast has opened up new doors for me. I’ve rekindled friendships that were long overdue to revive. And I’ve developed amazing new relationships I never would have previously made. People tell me all the time that they love my show and listen every week. Uh, my heart is full.

This is a long way for me to suggest that you don’t have to do everything. I know it’s hard to choose between licorice whips and caramel creams but pick one–and savor it. Give it all your attention and you won’t miss what you didn’t choose. Yes, you have billable work to do, so pick one activity and push your chips into the middle and work it for a year. If you follow my four easy steps and develop strong content, you’ll see the forward movement you’ve been looking for in building a stronger brand and ultimately growing your law practice.