Geo Bellas: The Changing Law Practice and the Vital Need for Understanding Technology

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Geo Bellas discuss:

  • Geo’s long-term use of technology in law and how he has evolved as technology has evolved and will continue to evolve.
  • Reverse mentoring with new lawyers to move into a technological world.
  • The impact of AI in the law industry.
  • Using technology to your advantage.

Key Takeaways:

  • Technology advancements have drastically accelerated over the last 30 years – as a lawyer, you need to continue to grow with that technology as it will continue to advance at an even greater rate.
  • This pandemic is accelerating the pace of change – it is all going towards a technological world.
  • Technology is allowing lawyers, and others in all professions, to serve those in underserved, and previously unrepresented communities.
  • You must start thinking out of the box in order to survive in your law practice.

“The old way of practicing is going to fade out, and is fading out. We have to learn how to live in that world, make money in that world, and, more importantly, serve our clients.” —  Geo Bellas

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