John Cannon: Changing Your Mindset and Overcoming the Fear Barrier

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and John Cannon discuss:

  • Overcoming the fear barrier and using that growth to strengthen the foundation of your firm. 
  • Continued education for learning and expanding your knowledge to grow your law firm. 
  • Changing your mindset and understanding the core of who you are. 
  • Delegation, training, and managing the employees in your firm. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Use your drive time to continue to learn to strengthen your business, such as through podcasts or audiobooks. 
  • Change your mindset – you are a business owner who is also an attorney. 
  • Utilize your time wisely. Limit your time and limit what your focus is to make your goals more tangible and measurable. 
  • Everything you do that makes you a good lawyer can be documented. 


“By having high quality content, putting it up on a regular basis, having search engine optimization that does well, having a website that gives lots of useful information and giving people the right answers, you’re building the keys of marketing.” —  John Cannon


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