You’ve already started building your book of business - but how do you sustain it for the long-haul?

Most lawyers dislike the roller coaster ride that is legal business development. Sometimes business is flowing in, and it’s hard to keep up. You must tend to the client’s needs, and business development gets placed on the back burner. Then, when you’re finally freed up, you have to start the vicious cycle all over again.

So, What’s Missing?

  • It could be a failure to write and execute a solid business development plan, which makes client development more predictable.
  • Or maybe it’s a lack of feedback from your peers, many of whom don’t understand the pressures of building a business as you’ve done.
  • How about a lack of accountability one finds with a coach, mentor, or peer advisory group who are in the trenches with you?
  • Or, worst of all, feeling alone, with little access to receive fresh ideas for growth and, just as importantly, ways to handle the pressures of growing and running a successful law practice.

You’ve probably said this countless times, they don’t teach you this stuff in law school.

Gathering insights from top rainmakers is key to advancing in your legal career.

What Are Peer Advisory Groups, And Are They Right For Me?

Peer Advisory Groups are a hub of collaboration and enlightenment in the law world, fostering an environment for like-minded attorneys to share insights and strategize collectively. As members of the FRETZIN Rainmaker Roundtables, lawyers break free from the solitary journey and tap into a wealth of knowledge shared by other ambitious practitioners.

Not only does this amplify your ability to build a thriving business, but it also creates an accountability system that propels you to stay consistent in your efforts.

The power of collective wisdom in overcoming the unpredictability of legal business development is invaluable! It’s akin to playing chess with a team of masters – you’re bound to learn faster and achieve more. It’s beyond just signing up; it’s about joining a movement that persistently strives for success in the field of legal practice.

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Additional resources

FRETZIN offers free legal business development resources including our blog, podcast, videos and more. Our topics are exclusively designed for lawyers and law firms and offer tips and strategies for growing your legal practice.