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Justin Breen: Investing in a Vision with PR

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Justin Breen discuss: Looking for visionaries and seeing the ROI in PR.  Creating…

Here’s what they didn’t teach you in law school…

Business development, marketing, networking, social media and time management…

BE THAT LAWYER is a show to demystify the most challenging elements of growing a sustainable law practice through practical tips, fresh ideas and new methodologies. On our show, Author and Lawyer Coach, Steve Fretzin, will interview top rainmakers, legal marketing experts and legal tech wizards to explain, teach and present the best ways to improve efficiencies and help break down the complex, into simple and digestible concepts.

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If you are open-minded and ambitious attorney who is interested in learning better ways to build your book of business, this is the show for you. Our only focus is providing tips, ideas and suggestions to make you more money and live a better-balanced life. You might agree that in growing a successful law practice, winging is not a sound strategy anymore. We hope you’ll listen in and enjoy!


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