Ariana Tadler: The Power of Professionalism

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Ariana Tadler discuss:

  • How your business card can play into your personal and professional brand. 
  • Top challenges for lawyers today. 
  • The pros and cons of multiple methods of communication. 
  • The 3 C’s of professionalism. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Have a business card with a QR code. It helps to communicate and connect with more people and keeps you memorable. 
  • Time management is one of the biggest challenges for lawyers today. In today’s world, the sense of attention people have is much shorter than before due to devices and constant notifications. But time management is critical for lawyers. 
  • It is not rude to write down notes from meetings about follow-up things or to-do items. You want to make sure to be able to follow through with anything that was talked about in the meeting. 
  • Early is on time. Being on time (early) to meetings is the easiest way to begin to show professionalism. Being late to meetings, especially without apology or reason, will chip away at your credibility. 


“Your credibility is the utmost important factor in the relationship before the court and with your client.” —  Ariana Tadler


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About Ariana Tadler: Ariana J. Tadler is the Founding Partner of Tadler Law LLP, a WBENC certified women-owned law firm that offers class action, complex and commercial B2B litigation, legal counseling, and e-Discovery services. A nationally recognized lawyer, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker, Ariana J. Tadler is tenacious and gracious. Described as the consummate professional, Ariana knows how to own a room – she opens doors and gains access – if she is unable to provide services directly, she connects people with skilled strategic partners.


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