Bo Royal: Simplicity in Legal Marketing

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Bo Royal discuss:

  • The most common mistakes law firms make on their websites and landing pages.
  • Why you should have A/B Testing on your website.
  • Understanding where your website traffic comes from.
  • Tips to improve law firm websites and landing pages immediately.

Key Takeaways:

  • Focus optimization on a few key pages – you do not need to overhaul your whole website anytime there’s an issue.
  • Invest in high-quality photo (and video) content on your website that educates your clients on who you are, who you serve, and what you’re all about.
  • Phone calls tend to be the most high-quality leads – have a click-to-call functionality on your website.
  • Don’t underestimate social proof. Nothing is going to sell your law firm better than a client testimonial.

“All of the tracking needs to be owned by the law firm. It cannot be something that the agency owns. That data is invaluable to the law firm in the long run.” —  Bo Royal

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Bo Royal is a former Fortune 500 advertising agency executive turned law firm marketing expert. After holding leadership positions at eBay’s marketing solutions division and scaling the online advertising revenues of a variety of well-known brands, such as Calvin Klein, Bo pivoted into the world of legal marketing six years ago and never looked back. Today, Bo co-owns and operates Pareto Legal, a growth marketing agency positioned to help small and medium-sized law firms add an extra 7 figures in cases to their pipeline.

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Steve Fretzin: [00:00:00] Hey everyone, listen up real quick. Before we begin the show, I’d like to present my Be That Lawyer challenge. If you’ve ever wondered how much more you could be making as an attorney, I challenge you to meet with me for 30 minutes to discuss your law firm. If I’m unable to identify ways to bring in more business for you, I’ll pay your hourly rate for our time together.

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Narrator: You’re listening to Be That Lawyer, life changing strategies and resources for growing a successful law practice. Each episode, your host, author and lawyer coach, Steve Fretson, will take a deeper dive helping you grow your law practice in less time with greater results. Now, here’s your host, Steve Fretzin.

Steve Fretzin: Well, hey, everybody. Welcome to Be That Lawyer. I am Steve Fretzin. You heard the announcer. He wasn’t lying. And, uh, this is a show all about helping you to be that lawyer. [00:01:00] Someone who’s competent, organized, and a skilled rainmaker. Before we jump into anything major today, I wanted to remind you, uh, of what Fredson does, obviously we do coaching and training for individual lawyers, helping them take things to the next level.

And obviously you can also find that on my website. The thing that most people don’t know is I’m also running four peer advisory roundtables. These are mastermind groups for highly successful lawyers who feel like they’re on an island and they want to get together with other smart, uh, successful rainmaking lawyers, some managing partners, uh, to just learn and share ideas.

And I bring in some top experts to speak with them. And, uh, we just have a lot of fun and a lot of value in a short amount of time, short amount of money. It’s not a big expense. Uh, investment, but it, it is a great way to, uh, to really feel great about that you’re doing the right things and, uh, making good decisions.

So that’s that. And I want to jump in. First of all, how

Bo Royal: you doing Bo? I’m doing well, Steve. Thanks for having me on today.

Steve Fretzin: Yeah. Yeah. Happy. We had a great, uh, chat and, uh, talking about a little bit about guitars and, and I think you also might have the coolest name of anyone I’ve interviewed. [00:02:00] Bo, Bo Royal. Is that, is that your real name?


Bo Royal: amazing. There’s a story behind it. I’m not going to get into it, but Bo is my, Bo is my nickname. Bo

Steve Fretzin: is your nickname. Okay. But Royal’s a cool last name too. I mean, that’s.

Bo Royal: It’s, it’s, it’s pretty cool. It’s definitely unique. I’ve gotten a lot of jokes about it over the

Steve Fretzin: years. Okay. And Fretson’s kind of unique, but also.

It has, you know, it doesn’t have a cool sound to it. So, uh, but anyway, I appreciate cool. I thought about changing it to Steve Washington, but that, I don’t know if that’s going to happen. All right. So, um, let’s start off with our quote of the show. This is, uh, Leonardo Caprio and I’m just kidding. Leonardo da Vinci simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

And I, and I really, I really liked that. And I think it’s so true. What’s, uh, what’s the background behind your love and interest in that quote. And, uh, and then we’ll jump into things.

Bo Royal: Okay. I think that quote corresponds to the way that my business operates. So, you know, the name of my business is Pareto Legal and Pareto is the Italian economist that [00:03:00] identified the 80 20 principle.

And so 80 20 meaning 20 percent of the inputs yield 80 percent of the outputs. And this is kind of like a A law of nature where you look at everything from, you know, economics to business. And if you apply it to even law firms, you’re going to see that 20 percent of the work you do 20 percent of your inputs are driving 80 percent of the output.

So it’s a helpful concept to remind ourselves of, because I think humans inherently complicate things. And yeah, that’s, that’s why I chose that quote.

Steve Fretzin: Yeah, I think that, that 80 20 just continues to come up, uh, in every aspect of our lives. And, you know, we get, uh, you know, uh, like the way I talk about it mostly is with, with networking that, you know, you network to build this, you know, big, big network of people, but ultimately, you know, you want to spend 80 percent of your time with the top 20%, right.

And so it’s like, You don’t want to be out there in that 80 percent world forever. You want to build strategic alliances so you can, you can really focus on 10, 15, [00:04:00] 20 people, not the hundreds that are out there. So I, I love that. And it is simple. And it just seems to keep coming back like a, like a bad penny of, of how accurate it can be in most instances.

Yeah. Really cool. So you already started us off, uh, that you’re the CEO of a burrito, uh, legal. Um, tell us a little bit about that, your background and, and, and leading up to that, to the, to the role that you’ve taken on. Sure. So I’m,

Bo Royal: I’m like a lot of agency owners. I’m an accidental agency owner, so before I founded the agency, I actually worked at several large agencies, uh, with, with a focus originally on e-commerce.

So I was working on massive enterprise e-commerce brands. Uh, like Calvin Klein, Kate Spade, New York GNC. And I was pretty young at the time that I was managing a team of 15 people. I was working at eBay’s marketing solutions division and I quickly became [00:05:00] burned out in that role. Kind of realized, ah, this isn’t for me.

I’m not built for 80, 90 hour work weeks. Yeah. And so I did a bit of a 180 and I think at the time I was like 28 years old. And I was like, you know what, I’m going to go work at a law firm and I was hired as the law firm’s first marketing role. I was there. Their first marketing hire marketing director.

And when I left the agency, something crazy happened to separate clients of mine reached out to me directly and said, Hey, Bo, do you want to freelance with us? Do you want to consult with us directly? And that’s when my entrepreneurial, you know, brain kind of kicked in. I was like, wait a minute. I’m good enough at this that people want to pay me directly to do it.

I don’t have to work for a business to do this type of work. So that kind of began my agency entrepreneur journey, if you will. And it was really interesting because as I was building this agency, I was also getting [00:06:00] on the job reigning as a marketing director at a large injury law firm in Philadelphia.

And that was. Uh, six years ago, and, uh, here, here we are

Steve Fretzin: today. Yeah, I mean, I was expecting the story to go differently, like you worked at this law firm and then you went right into an insane asylum after that, and that’s not, that’s not what happened. So good for you. Uh, I maintain my

Bo Royal: sanity.

Steve Fretzin: I just keep, I keep imagining all these lawyers coming up to you with, uh, you know, with every crazy idea they have that they want you to do for them and you’re just like pulling your hair out.


Bo Royal: still happens, but, and, and, you know, it’s important in my role again, going back to simplicity, 80, 20 to keep attorneys focused on the things that are actually moving the needle. You know,

Steve Fretzin: people don’t know this, but I, I took a shot at running a marketing agency now four or five years ago to compliment the business development.

I couldn’t have gotten out of it fast enough. I hated every minute of it. I was just trying, Hey, everybody needs websites. Everybody’s this and that. I was like, Oh, I could do that. I could [00:07:00] not do that. And I did not want to do it. You know, just, just trying to get, you know, like, you know, like someone to write, write the pages and get them back to me or set up a photo shoot.

Like anything that I needed to get done, just couldn’t get done. I was like, this is not, this is not for me, but kudos for you. As we’re continuing to do what you’re doing. So let’s, so I’ve, one thing that I really wanted to pick your brain on and I’m sort of, um, very interested in this, you know, personally, and I’m continually trying to look at my website and look at how things are working and how they’re flowing and trying to get conversions up.

So when you think about law firms, websites, what are the most common mistakes you see them making on, on their homepages, on their landing pages,

Bo Royal: things like that? I think one of the, the first ones is. When it comes to websites, I think, and this isn’t just specific to law firms. I think this is a lot of different businesses.

They think that if there’s an issue with the site, they need to go ahead and like overhaul everything. Like we need to launch a whole new WordPress theme. We need to [00:08:00] redo all the pages, so on and so forth. And in reality, they really just need to focus their optimization efforts on a few key pages. So I mean, homepage is a given, right?

Like that’s, that’s going to be where most people have their initial touch of learning about your firm. They’re going to hit that homepage. Another key set of pages would be your practice area pages, right? So that’s that’s a common page that people are going to navigate to. So I guess, you know, that 1st 1 is getting that that pulse on where most of your traffic is landing on the site and, you know, prioritizing your optimization efforts accordingly.

Um, another mistake I see is. There is no consistent A B testing roadmap that’s occurring on the website and on the landing pages. So, you know, let’s let’s talk specifically about the home page again. You know, are you testing new hero images? Are you testing new call to action buttons? Are you testing different [00:09:00] copy on the site, whether it’s your value propositions or pulling in different bits of information about your practice areas.

So some of the firms that we work with will ask the question, like, has there been any AB testing done on the site? And a common answer we get is just no, like, yeah, that’s running these pages for years now. And it’s such a simple thing. And the beauty of it all, it doesn’t cost anything. You just need to set some time aside, figure out the different things are going to test.

And there’s great tools out there that enable you to do that pretty seamlessly. Is

Steve Fretzin: there also, I love that by the way. And no one’s doing that. I mean, not no one, but most people are not doing that. And I’m not doing that. Like, that’s a thing like, you know, for me, where I’ll let things run for, you know, a year longer without making changes.

And I’m not getting any feedback or incentive from the marketing agency to, to change anything. They’re not, they’re not interested in that. You know, they’re interested in the, in the big ticket stuff. And it’s frustrating. The, the other thing. Is imagery, you know, you mentioned like heroes and things like [00:10:00] that, like things, what are the mistakes that people are doing on, on, on their homepages, particularly.

That are just, they’re just bad, just bad at this point. They’re not, they’re not relevant anymore.

Bo Royal: Doc footage, not getting your own photography or video footage. I think people see right through that these days. They know if it’s, you know, authentic content that you’re, you’re producing. So I think, you know, investing in some high quality photo content, if you have the budget to warrant this as well, I would, I would get some video content on the site as well to.

To educate, you know, your prospective clients about who you are, who you serve, you know, what you’re all about. So, and so forth.

Steve Fretzin: And how important is it to. Come up with a strategy or an angle, a differentiator. I’ll give you an example. Um, there’s a firm in Chicago that was a small litigation boutique firm, but they were trying to say small, but powerful.

So they had imagery of this is the smallest, you know, frog, and [00:11:00] it’s the most deadly, the dart frog. And they put small, so small, but mighty. And that, that imagery still sticks with me. And they had like three examples that would come up and down on the website. I absolutely loved it. And I thought, wow, that’s who I want.

I want strong and small, but powerful and blah, blah, blah. How important is it to like have an overarching strategy before launching in and putting a website together? It’s

Bo Royal: incredibly important because ultimately you need to determine what your end goal is with your website and your digital efforts in general.

And so like if you’re, let’s say you’re a PI firm, but you really want more car accident cases, right? Like that’s your bread and butter. If you could get more of those, you’re set. Instead of having a website that says, Hey, we do all these different things. We, we can do slip and falls. We can do earth injury.

We can do this. We can do that. Focusing on that, that niche and positioning your firm as the authority, the, you [00:12:00] know, the go to resource for those motor vehicle accident cases, that is paramount to success with your website and your digital marketing in general. If you’re just going to go into it and be like, yeah, we’re a law firm that does a little bit of everything.

There’s just too many firms out there that are like that. No one’s going to remember you. Your site’s not going to convert as well as it could. And so I think you need to be really intentional with. What your goals are and then, you know, consequently how you’re structuring your messaging, your website, so on and

Steve Fretzin: so forth.

Yeah. And so I think that’s, that’s the thing is like we, we, you know, we just, we put up a site. We, we say, Hey, look, there’s my picture. Here’s the name, my firm, Bob, Bob, you know, three names, five names. And then like it’s a city scape right it’s just there’s nothing behind it you know the emperor has no clothes that type of thing and that i just think that’s a very big mistake that people are jumping in to get websites done without looking at to your point the goals and what what.

What are they trying to [00:13:00] convey and what’s going to, what, you know, what’s their bread and butter and that type of thing. So it’s really, really bright. All right, let’s change course and let’s talk about some tips and things that you suggest and do for your clients to improve their websites and landing pages.

Like right away, if they say, if they, if they’re seeing that they’re not producing or converting, I mean, that’s my biggest thing too, is. Now you can have a beautiful website, but if it doesn’t convert to that form or to the call or to the email, you know, that’s, that’s, you know, again, that’s the tree that falls in the forest and no one’s around to hear

Bo Royal: it.

Yeah, I think square one is getting the right tracking in place. And this, this kind of goes back to the first question too, but it’s a common problem we see when we’re speaking with. A potential law firm client is they don’t even have like Google Analytics for set up. They have no way to see where is most of my website traffic coming from?

Where is it landing? What are they doing when they land on the page? So on and so forth. So you really need that baseline in [00:14:00] place. You need to have that tracking in place so that over time you can start prioritizing your optimization efforts accordingly. So that would be like first things first, get Google Analytics for set up.

Get call tracking set up if you’re, if you’re pushing calls through your website, and then there’s also some great tools out there where you can see like eat maps of your landing pages, where are people clicking, where are they navigating to so on and so forth.

Steve Fretzin: I’m going to add to that and that is you can have all the tracking in the world, but if the, if the agency that you’re working with doesn’t share it with you, if they’re not meeting with you to discuss it and talk it through, then it’s again, now maybe they’re using it on the back end to make improvements, but.

I, how important is it for the, for the manager, the marketing manager or the managing partner, whomever at the firm to, to engage in that conversation about

Bo Royal: the analytics, it’s, it’s incredibly important. And I’ll go a step further. The, all of the tracking, all of, you know, the Google analytics for the call tracking, all that stuff needs to [00:15:00] be owned by the law firm.

It can’t be something that the agency owns because. If for some reason there’s a problem with that agency and you need to park company with them, you’re going to lose all of that data. That data isn’t valuable to your firm over the long term because it’s going to, again, it’s going to help prioritize where you, you focus your time, energy budget, so on and so forth.

So. Make sure that you have those different analytics accounts in your name, they’re set up for your firm. And that way, you know, again, if the agency goes away, you get to keep all that data. Awesome.

Steve Fretzin: Awesome. So the tracking, the numbers, you know, there’s a saying in management, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

And I think that, that just to wrap that up in a, with a little bow, that that’s critical. What would be another absolutely important tip? For law firms and lawyers on their websites and landing pages,

Bo Royal: incorporating multiple contact methods. So, again, another problem we see, uh, a firm might just have a contact [00:16:00] form and it might not even be embedded on, on the pages of the site.

So, there’s 3 that I would recommend, 3 different contact methods that I would have set up on your site. Versus phone calls, you need to have click to call functionality on the site reason being is because the majority of your website traffic is going to be coming through mobile devices. Yeah, right. So the need to have that is paramount.

And the other thing I’ll say to with phone calls specifically, those tend to be the highest quality leads. Because these people are solution aware. They know, okay, I need an attorney now, and I want to resolve this immediately. So they’re ready to call you. They’re ready to speak with someone on your intake team.

So make sure that you have click to call functionality set up on your site. The other two contact methods I would recommend are live chat. We were talking about this before the podcast deep, I would get a live chat tool set up across all pages of the site. And then I would [00:17:00] obviously also lastly have.

Forms set up as well. So forms throughout the site. So if people want to put name, put the details on their specific case, they can do that throughout the site as well. And I

Steve Fretzin: think too, you would probably recommend the form stays fairly tight, meaning very simple to fill out. You don’t want. A whole page of for people to fill out because they might give up

Bo Royal: that it can be a double edged sword, actually.

So if the form is too simple, what will end up happening is you’ll see that you’ll get a lot of leads, but the lead quality isn’t that great or your intake team can’t deduce which lead is quality versus not quality. Because if you’re just capturing like first name, last name and provide a brief description of your case.

People can put in any little detail they want and you’re not going to be able to determine things like, is this still within the statute of limitations? Where did the injury occur? If it is an injury case zone and so forth. So we’ve had a lot of success with two step forms. [00:18:00] So it like on the front end, it looks like it’s going to be short.

So you have like, maybe you start with first name, last name, email or phone number and then they submit that and it opens up a second. Step of that form where they can put some more specific info about their case.

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Narrator: com.

Steve Fretzin: Well, something that I saw recently on someone’s website, and I think we talked about Intaker and I guess shout out to those guys. It was, uh, it was, uh, I don’t know if it was live chat or not, but it was, it was a, it was like multiple choice.

So do you have a, is a car accident? Is it a truck accident? Is it this, this, and this I’m making that up? Cause I don’t remember, but it was like, we’re so comfortable clicking buttons, clicking a tab or clicking something that. You know, hey, my problem isn’t a car accident. My mind’s a slip and fall and I’m going to click that button.

And that’s going to take me somewhere, you know, to go further down the rabbit hole. But I really, I thought that was a really great. And there was a video associated with it that explained about the firm. What’s your problem? And then click below. And it was like a great call to action. The whole thing.

Bo Royal: Yeah. Intaker gets it because really live chat is a means to get people on the [00:21:00] phone, right? Like. The other tools out there where there’s a human agent on the other end, they’re typically a slow, it’s a slower intake. So you have to wait for the human agent to type the questions and the conversation is drawn out.

Really, you just want to get quick information to your intake team so that they can determine immediately. Is this a qualified lead? And if it is, they need to call that person back immediately. The other thing I’ll say about. Intaker and AI powered live chat tools is the again because most of the traffic on your site is going to be coming through mobile, you need to realize like people are going to be commuting to work or they might be at a movie theater or they might be, you know, watching a football game or something.

They might not necessarily want to have a conversation right now. So to be able to make the, the intake experience that seamless, where like they can just in a few clicks, give you the information that they need. I think that’s, that’s invaluable. And [00:22:00] I think it’s, you know, it’s why I recommend intaker as a tool to, to a lot of our clients.


Steve Fretzin: And I think I’m, I’m, I’m going to have them on the show pretty soon. So, so keep an eye out for that and we’ll put, we’ll put the intaker, um, information in the, in the show notes as well for everybody that’s interested in checking out what that’s about. Um, and then what, what would you say is kind of the final main tip that you want to share with, with everybody?

Bo Royal: I would highly recommend if your firm has done a good job with collecting client reviews and testimonials. To incorporate those onto the landing pages throughout the site, there are a ton of good tools out there. Free tools. If you have a wordpress site, you can download a wordpress widget that will dynamically pull in your google reviews and you can actually filter out that you’re only showing the five star ones.

Nothing is going to sell your law firm better than a client testimonial where they come in and they say, this is the problem. I have a B. C. Law firm solve [00:23:00] this. And now I got X in settlement or I don’t have to worry about my injury anymore. Things like that. So I highly recommend that firms find a way to incorporate those reviews and testimonials on their landing pages.

Steve Fretzin: Yeah. And I try to Take the other, the additional side of it, which is, um, getting, you know, getting your clients to do testimonials for you on LinkedIn as well. And I know that you’ve got multiple different places where you want to get testimonials, but the thing I like about LinkedIn is that it, it’s, it’s, it, first of all, that’s where a lot of lawyers are, and that’s where a lot of CEOs are, and that’s where a lot of GCs are and everything else.

The other part of it is, you know, it’s real, like when I go on Amazon, I read reviews and it says, you know, Bo or Bob or Steve or whatever. Yeah, right. You know, I mean, they hired someone to do, you know, 17, 000 reviews. And when you see a LinkedIn review and it says the name of the lawyer, it says the name, you know, what their review is and all that.

I don’t know. There’s something about that that just that that’s just hits home with me. [00:24:00]

Bo Royal: Yeah, it just it seems more authentic.

Steve Fretzin: I think we just we just we were craving that in not only the information, but there’s just the social proof of this is the right lawyer for me because it was recommended by a friend and then boom on top of that, you start seeing all these other positive things about communication, about success, about results.

And since lawyers can’t say that their experts are specialists and things like that, well, what better than having your client say it for you? Exactly. But be careful about, they can, is that, am I right about that? Clients can say it for you and post it, and they can post it or no?

Bo Royal: I don’t think, I, it’s a great question, I’m candidly not sure, but.

I mean, they can write whatever

Steve Fretzin: they want to write, right? I think so. I think so. Yeah. So as long as you don’t say it or claim it, I think it’s okay. We may have to, we may have to talk, talk with an ARDC specialist or something on that. Uh, all right, let’s move into the future. I think, I think you’ve, you’ve handled the present very well and some great ideas there.

What’s happening with, uh, with [00:25:00] law firm website trends and things, things that you think will emerge in the next year to five years.

Bo Royal: I think I’m going to keep bringing up AI because, you know, it’s the hot thing now, but I really do think more and more firms are going to adopt AI into their content strategy.

And the, the output of that will be, there’s going to be a lot more legal content out there over the next few years. But it’s not gonna be very good content, right? So I still think the onus is on lawyers, managing partners, you know, the professionals in the firm to still have a hand in the content to ensure that, you know, it’s number one, it’s accurate and correct, right?

A. I doesn’t know. All these legal concepts, it’s, it’s, there’s no way it can, it can hold a candle to what, you know, an experienced attorney knows, but I, I would say attorneys [00:26:00] need to figure out a way to incorporate AI and other content strategies without diluting the efficacy and accuracy of the content.

So that would be, that would be one

Steve Fretzin: before we move on just real quick. I mean, do you think, I mean, certainly this is, this is maybe a guess, but like. That, uh, you know, content, yes, but SEO and coding and things that, that you and other agencies in business, is that a possible, you know, that, that it may end up replacing you guys or

Bo Royal: Amanda at like being more of like an automatic

Steve Fretzin: thing that you could just tell a web, a website to do it and it

Bo Royal: does it.

I think it’ll replace the menial tasks that agencies and law firm marketers are doing from a content and SEO perspective. But you’re still going to need experienced strategists that are able to connect the dots that are able to Adjust the tactics based on real time data. So I’m not, I’m not afraid of, of, you know, AI taking our job away.

I just think it’s going to change the nature of [00:27:00] how we spend our time and what we’re doing.

Steve Fretzin: And there might be, yeah, there might be less employees involved or less people that are being outsourced in India and other places to, to do coding and to help build things that can be done in a more automatic way.

Bo Royal: Exactly. The other thing I would say is, uh, emerging trend would be more firms using Spanish translated versions of their site because of the increasing Spanish speaking population in the U. S. I think it’s increasingly important for firms to consider that, uh, next year or going forward because of the U.

S. You know, typically that traffic overall is going to be less expensive because not many firms are going after that traffic. And similarly, you can rank much more easily for that traffic because again, not many firms are, are kind of on top of that yet. So I think we’re going to see more and more firms have Spanish versions of their sites, Spanish versions of their intaker if they’re running like a live chat tool, [00:28:00] stuff like that.


Steve Fretzin: i mean something i’m looking forward to and i’m already starting to play around with that i need to take a deeper dive but the ability to use a i to create not just content but also a graphic design. So like if I want to tell like I have this image in my head of a hamster that had kicked over the wheel and is walking away with the wheel with a briefcase and that the

Bo Royal: quote would be or the idea would be, you know, get away from the billable hour, let’s, let’s, you know, let’s build business, something like that.

I’ve had

Steve Fretzin: this imagery in my head

Bo Royal: that I’d have to hire a graphic designer to come up with and create that type of either animation or something, but I’m hoping that there’s like an AI where I could just tell her what I want and then boom, there’s the, there’s the graphic design. Have you tried Dolly

Steve Fretzin: 2 yet?

I have not tried, that’s, I think it’s, it’s, it’s like 20 bucks to get the advanced chat GBT. Have you tried that?

Bo Royal: I’ve tried it. The, the images are comical, I’ll say. Okay, okay. It’s still not, it still can’t hold a candle to, uh, A human [00:29:00] designer but then again like i think it’s a more of a basic version of the tool so to your point if there’s a more premium version that can do a better job i have not tested that yet but i agree i think you know in the future you’ll be able to.

Tell Dolly to, or whatever the platform is, give me this image, you know, with this background and I want it formatted it in, in this aspect ratio, so on and so forth, then it’ll spit it out and it’ll be perfect.

Steve Fretzin: Yeah, yeah. Very cool. Any final, before we kind of wrap things up, any final thoughts on, on the future of, uh, of, um, websites and, and, um, and in trends that you see.

The only other

Bo Royal: one, what we talked a little bit about this, I do think more and more firms are going to. Incorporate video into their website and, and marketing strategies. I think people today just expect there to be video content on the site. And really that’s I’d say there’s three types of videos [00:30:00] that more and more firms are going to adopt in their website and their and their content strategy.

The first would be like a, a, a brand video, like a law firm feature video where it talks about again, this is who we are. This is what we do. This is who we serve. And that would be a great place to, to, uh, feature that video on like the homepage here. Right? So people can just quickly know. All right, this is who these guys are.

The second type of video that I would go to. Uh, recommender, I think firms are going to adopt more of are those client testimonial videos where, uh, you know, clients talking about the problem that they had, how the firm came in and solved it and then what their end state was like after I did this, I got, you know, X in settlement and I don’t have to worry about this anymore.

And then the, the third video type would be educational content. And this is actually something I’m recommending to a lot of firms right now, because. Uh, shorts and reels have gotten [00:31:00] increasingly popular on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook over the last 12 to 18 months. And it’s such an opportunity for firms to answer questions that people have about different case types.

So like, I’ll give an example with, you know, car accident attorneys. We’ve done a lot of keyword research on the things that, you know, people are typing in in the context of car accidents. For example, like, how do I obtain a police report after a car accident? That’s a great 15, 30 second short video a firm could put out there, incorporate on their blog page or their website.

And it’s just more interactive. It’s better than, you know, having a 500 word blog article. About what to do you can get that information across again in a 1532nd video format. So I think more and more firms are going to wake up to the capability or the opportunity rather with video and start incorporating it into their content strategies.

Steve Fretzin: Yeah, really great stuff. And, and Bo, it’s just so clear [00:32:00] in talking with you, uh, just in this 30 minutes, you know, how, uh, not only passionate you are about this stuff, but also just, just you’re at, you’re just at the, you’re at a high level. Like you get it, you get how this works and, um, and how to help, you know, firms make money.

So I, I just appreciate, you know, someone that can just articulate exactly how things need to be for, for results to occur. And so, so kudos to you on that. Let’s wrap up with our, with our game changing podcast, and you threw a new one at me today, which I was thrilled to hear, called Modern Wisdom. What’s that about?

Bo Royal: Uh, so that’s Chris Williamson’s podcast. It’s basically, like it sounds, it gives modern, relevant tips about, you know, living a productive, happy life. He has some really awesome guests on there, you know, like, political, YouTube, etc. So, um, yeah, Content, they do everything from like health. So it’s, it’s a pretty wide ranging amount of, of content.

So I, uh, whenever I’m on, you know, going on a long road trip, that’s the immediate [00:33:00] one that’s, that’s going on the, uh, the Bluetooth.

Steve Fretzin: And throw it in, throw it in. Awesome. As we wrap up, everybody want to take a moment to thank our sponsors. Of course, we’ve got get staffed up, uh, giving you that full time, uh, VA, you know, assistant, uh, marketing.

Intake, whatever you’re looking for there. We’ve got law Maddox, uh, who I, you know, I use them and I think they’re fantastic. And again, helping me to automate all my marketing and automate my contracts, automate, you know, how I, how I get my schedule put together every day. And of course, get visible, working with you on the digital side and the marketing side, and they do a great job.

And if people want to get in touch with you, Beau, and they want to hear more about a burrito legal, what’s the, what are the best ways for them to reach you?

Bo Royal: It would be, uh, by visiting our website, it’s legal. radoppc. com and there’s a Calendly link built into our web form where you can actually book time on my calendar and we can have a 30 minute conversation and determine if we can help you.

Steve Fretzin: Very cool. I love that. Um, well, thanks, man. Thanks for being on the [00:34:00] show. I mean, you, again, I’m not trying to, you know, kiss your butt, but like you’re just, you really did a great job of just. Of, uh, just explaining things again in simple terms, going back to the very beginning about simplicity at, uh, you know, with, uh, DaVinci, uh, but, but I think you just did a great job with that.

So I just, uh, I appreciate you and sharing your wisdom with, uh, with my audience.

Bo Royal: I appreciate it, Steve. Great to be on today.

Steve Fretzin: Awesome. Awesome. Thank you everybody for spending some time with Beau and I today, helping you to be that lawyer. Someone who’s confident, organized and a skilled rainmaker. Really take a look at your website, take a look at your landing pages and understand, you know, is this really doing what it’s supposed to do for you and for your business?

And while I’m the business development guy, the reality is business development and marketing really work hand in hand, you know, hand in glove, however you want to look at it. And if one is not working and the other is, is you’re not getting the same value. So. Check that out, everybody. All right, we’ll talk to you later.

Be safe. Be well. We’ll talk again soon.

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