Gyi Tsakalakis: Defining Success in Marketing and Social Media

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Gyi Tsakalakis discuss:

  • Defining your success metrics in advance of a marketing campaign.
  • Having a business objective for your marketing plan.
  • Social media strategies for lawyers and law firms.
  • What lawyers should be focusing on with their marketing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ask a lot of questions – your best weapon is an education in what you’re talking about.
  • Set clear expectations of what the partnership looks like from the beginning when working with any marketing or website expert.
  • The key to social media is engagement. Having content is great, but engaging with others on their posts is a great way to make connections.
  • Social media is like a networking event – you have to nurture the connections in order to get value out of the platforms.

“I really would focus on trying to stand out and delivering value over the next couple of years, because those are the people that are going to win the day in the future, no matter what the conditions in the landscape are.” —  Gyi Tsakalakis

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