Hugo Gomez: Multicultural Digital Marketing

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Hugo Gomez discuss:

  • Niche down on what you know.
  • Finding your angle to stand out from the others in your field.
  • Working with outside partners to truly grow and scale your business.
  • Why lawyers should be marketing to the Spanish-speaking communities around them.

Key Takeaways:

  • You cannot please everyone – if you niche into a very specific area, you will be able to find success and give more buy-in to your clients.
  • English-only speakers are in decline according to the latest census.
  • Working with a marketing company that has cultural experience in your target market is key for getting the best results and content to that audience.
  • Multicultural marketing needs to be done from the ground up – what might work for one culture is not usually going to work for another culture.

“What we found is that Spanish speakers when they’re making a decision to hire an attorney, what they’re looking for is does the firm have bilingual staff. Generally speaking, attorneys don’t speak Spanish, and that’s okay. All we need to do is just be honest with the consumer and say, this firm as the best bilingual staff you can talk to you regarding your and your auto accident injury.” —  Hugo Gomez

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About Hugo Gomez: Hugo E. Gomez is the founder of Abogados NOW, a national Spanish marketing agency that helps attorneys advertise to underrepresented communities. With a mission to forge greater awareness of Spanish-speaking communities, Hugo and his team create high-performing and cost-effective Spanish digital marketing campaigns to help attorneys grow their firms.

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[00:00:01] Steve Fretzin: Hey everyone, before we begin the show, we have an event coming up that I know will interest you. We have a Be That Lawyer business development workshop coming up on October 19th. This is a one hour Zoom event to learn everything they never taught you in law school on how to grow business in a sales free way.

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[00:00:24] Narrator: You’re listening to Be That Lawyer, life changing strategies and resources for growing a successful law practice. Each episode, your host, author and lawyer coach, Steve Fretzin, will take a deeper dive helping you grow your law practice in less time, with greater benefits. Hey everybody, welcome to Fretzin, your host,

[00:00:49] Steve Fretzin: as the announcer just mentioned, uh, hopefully you didn’t miss that. And, uh, this show is wonderful. I love doing this show. It’s something I look forward to every day and I’m just, I’ve got so many guests that right now. It’s just unbelievable how many recorded episodes I have. So even when, uh, I interview Hugo, it may not, you know, this, when you’re hearing this right now, it’s probably was recorded maybe six weeks ago.

[00:01:11] Steve Fretzin: I’m just on a rampage with, with amazing guests. How you doing, Hugo?

[00:01:15] Hugo Gomez: Doing well. Thanks for having me,

[00:01:16] Steve Fretzin: Steve. Good. Good to see you, man. I thought we had a really good conversation. And for those, you’ll get to meet Hugo in a moment. Just chill out, everybody. Uh, this is a show all about helping you to be that lawyer, someone who’s confident, organized and a skilled rainmaker.

[00:01:29] Steve Fretzin: And we just continue to try to bring on amazing guests who are going to share their wisdom, but more importantly on various topics. So, you know, we don’t want to do 20 shows on SEO. We don’t want to do 20 shows on partnerships, but you know what? It’s fun to sprinkle in a little SEO and a little partnership and mix it in with some time management and some stress reduction and things like that.

[00:01:48] Steve Fretzin: And you and I are going to talk today a little bit about alternative markets, which I think is really an unrepresented, uh, you get that pickup on that upper is unrepresented on the show. Have Sorry, . I dunno, I just pulled that off. But anyway, I did it. Hugo, we always start off with the quote of the show, and I absolutely love yours, and it’s so true for so many people.

[00:02:08] Steve Fretzin: Urgency is cur currency. I almost screwed that up. Urgency is currency. Talk to us about, well, first of all, welcome to the show, and second, talk to us about that quote.

[00:02:17] Hugo Gomez: Yeah, thanks for having me. I, I think urgency is a superpower in, in any company, especially in the startup phase. Uh, you just need to try a bunch of things all in the direction of generating revenue.

[00:02:28] Hugo Gomez: That’s generally our North star, if it doesn’t point to that North star and our B2B marketing goals, we just toss it aside. And so I think just trying new things out, consistently experimenting, sometimes embarrassing yourself is fine. You know, it’s, it’s a negligible impact, just movement and urgency, I think generates a lot of momentum.

[00:02:50] Hugo Gomez: It’s like the seed

[00:02:51] Steve Fretzin: of growth. One of my favorite things to do, um, is when I’m meeting with a prospective client, especially for my coaching and training services, that it’s to try to figure out how much urgency there really is, because if they just want to keep doing the same old thing every day over and over again, bill it hours, and just kind of on the grind.

[00:03:10] Steve Fretzin: They’re probably not a good fit for me, but sometimes they don’t realize maybe either how bad things are or how much money they’re leaving on the table or how things can change so dramatically when they start putting a little urgency into their, uh, skipping their step step, if you will, to, um, make a change, to do something different and get different sort of outcomes and results.

[00:03:29] Steve Fretzin: And I think that’s where that urgency is. Currency really comes in on my side, but I’m sure you’re seeing that too.

[00:03:34] Hugo Gomez: Yeah, for sure. I mean, I, I think when we need to, when we talk to potential Avogadro’s now members. We want to make sure that, like, the need is truly there, that, that, that this isn’t some incremental or experimental channel that you want to work with.

[00:03:49] Hugo Gomez: Like, there’s an actual need for business growth because you want to outshine your competition or you’re looking to hire more attorneys. Yeah, you got to have that itch and it’s got to be

[00:04:00] Steve Fretzin: two way. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I always have the urgency to help people succeed and if they don’t share that similar urgency, then it’s not, it’s not a good fit.

[00:04:08] Steve Fretzin: You’ve got to want it as much as I want it or more. Uh, so Hugo Gomez, you’re the founder and CEO of Abogados now. And where are you down? You down in Miami? Where are you

[00:04:20] Hugo Gomez: in Long Beach,

[00:04:21] Steve Fretzin: which is part of L. A. County in California. He’s on his way off. Okay. Um, and what’s going on there? You guys have the hurricane or what’s going on there?

[00:04:29] Steve Fretzin: We

[00:04:30] Hugo Gomez: had a, we had a hurriquake,

[00:04:31] Steve Fretzin: hurriquake. All right. So it was a combination. Yeah, we had

[00:04:34] Hugo Gomez: an earthquake on the same day as an estimated hurricane, but hurricane was nowhere to be seen, at least in our neck of the woods, uh, just a lot of mild rain. And then we had some small earthquakes on Sunday, which is,

[00:04:47] Steve Fretzin: it was wild.

[00:04:48] Steve Fretzin: Yeah. That’s the, just there. I mean, everything’s changing. I mean, the heat waves and the flooding and it was just bad, but the world will be fine. And, you know, the fact that we might lose all of our, uh, our seq, our coral in the sea. I just heard about that today. Oh my God. Well, anyway, I guess that’s our kids problems.

[00:05:03] Steve Fretzin: Yeah, exactly. All right. Good luck to them. Uh, anyway, give us a little bit of background, man. I’m just so happy you’re here and I’m bleeding into your be that lawyer tipping point.

[00:05:12] Hugo Gomez: Oh yeah. I mean, it’s, it’s actually the beginning of our company. We, we started out as a multi cultural marketing agency is wanting to work with, um, local restaurants and dentists and lawyers.

[00:05:28] Hugo Gomez: And I’d had some experience in legal marketing and it’s what I knew best at the time at the inception of the company. So I realized that trying to please everyone was not going to work and I really had to niche down, niche down on something that I knew, uh, which was legal marketing, which was how to help attorneys generate leads in Spanish.

[00:05:48] Hugo Gomez: So it really made us refocus the whole point of the company. We, we, we knew that. It was slow growth very early on trying to appeal to all these other industries, but we knew that if we niche down, talked about very narrow problems, offered a lot of value to attorneys about common marketing issues that they’re facing, that it would be a lot more buy in in these cold outreach efforts, cold email, cold calling, if you will.

[00:06:17] Hugo Gomez: Uh, so we, we, we had to switch, switch everything up to abogados now, which is a bilingual name, as it relates to our bilingual offering. We help attorneys generate leads in English and Spanish. So, um, it was a difficult start trying to appeal to everybody, you know, but it was the best thing that we did was, uh, to, to really niche down and focus on what we know best.

[00:06:40] Steve Fretzin: Well, then the quote that has popped up on the show a number of times is the, the riches are in the niches, right? So. You know, I focus exclusively on individual attorneys, you focus on the bilingual, uh, you know, folks that are trying to, you know, attract those, those types of clients. And I think it separates us from the pack.

[00:06:58] Steve Fretzin: I mean, I think you, you want to do something that’s, you know, where, you know, there’s business there. I mean, certainly you don’t want to go where there’s no. You know, there’s no meat on the bone, but at the same time, you need to separate yourself from everybody that’s doing, there’s so many people in legal coaching now and so many people in legal marketing.

[00:07:12] Steve Fretzin: Now it’s, it’s absolutely flooded. It is. Yeah.

[00:07:15] Hugo Gomez: It’s super saturated. I mean, just generally speaking, it’s hard to break out into an, any agency space right now just because it’s flooded with English speaking providers. And so what we’re trying to do is tell attorneys that there’s still significant opportunity in English, but the census has already proven that English speaking dominant speakers rather are a shrinking market.

[00:07:39] Hugo Gomez: So it’s almost like if you continue to invest in English, you’re almost investing in something that. Is in decline right now. Yeah. Uh, so yeah, I think it’s, it’s super saturated. So you have to stick out. I mean, even not just for us and B2B, but attorneys just need to find any angle to stick out. It’s why all these billboards have pink colors and blue colors and green colors.

[00:08:01] Hugo Gomez: Everyone’s trying to stick out.

[00:08:03] Steve Fretzin: Yeah. Well, it seems like that might be a common blind spot for attorneys, uh, that are, they’re trying to reach new clients. They’re trying to enter new markets. They’re trying to expand and things like that. Kind of, what are the challenge with it? Why, why are they, why do lawyers seem to have these blind spots where they can’t really seem to understand how to develop a new market?

[00:08:24] Steve Fretzin: I

[00:08:24] Hugo Gomez: think attorneys only know what they know, right? And the most enterprising attorneys are the ones who will submit to not knowing and will defer to other experts to tell them what to do. Um, it’s not to say all attorneys only operate on their own intuition, but generally speaking, that’s, that’s the trend that we’re seeing.

[00:08:46] Hugo Gomez: Though the ones that are really thriving are the ones that are leaning on outside partners, outside agencies, outside consultants to figure out where is the incremental audience to pick up. Like, where is the strategic move in brand positioning, local positioning? It can’t come from the inside. Like, your growth is super limited.

[00:09:07] Hugo Gomez: All you’re working with is your staff on the inside in order to scale, you have to work with outside

[00:09:12] Steve Fretzin: partners. And so when they, when they think about expansion from a, not from a business development standpoint so much, but from a marketing standpoint, how do people figure out what, who they should be targeting, how they should be targeting them?

[00:09:27] Steve Fretzin: Like if they want to get to a certain segment of like, they want to get to 35 to 50 Spanish speaking, you know, people that, you know, that are in construction and maybe jobs where they could get hurt. Okay. Okay. Right. Like how do they like figure out like, all right, so that’s great. I think I know who my like target person is, but how do I like actually bring in those clients?

[00:09:49] Steve Fretzin: Yeah,

[00:09:49] Hugo Gomez: I think it has to be a dedicated effort to starting with like anecdotal evidence. So if you’re an attorney, you’re already bringing in clients, they fit a certain profile for, let’s call it a work accident. You want to replicate. Your communications with that person. So, um, for instance, uh, we’re, we’re talking to an attorney in Los Angeles County in the San Gabriel Valley.

[00:10:15] Hugo Gomez: Who wants more, um, clients who speak Chinese who work in certain industries. Because he knows, based on the clientele that he’s been yielding, that there are a lot more similar stories in San Gabriel Valley with Chinese markets. You know, we don’t know anything about Chinese markets, that’s just not our specialty.

[00:10:33] Hugo Gomez: But we told him, you need to speak to someone who does print advertising and digital and television radio, uh, specific to, to Chinese markets in Southern California, to help build this profile of who your ideal client is. And replicate it, and it can only come from someone who is obsessed with these markets where all they’re thinking about is this one particular market.

[00:10:59] Hugo Gomez: There are a lot of multicultural agencies out there that try to address many markets. What we found is. If you really work with a company that only doubles in 1, maximum 2 specific markets. You’re probably going to get more success in that regard, so we always just work backwards. From what the client, what the attorneys already experienced.

[00:11:19] Hugo Gomez: And try to replicate that.

[00:11:21] Steve Fretzin: So you’ve got cultural differences between English and Spanish and Russian and Chinese. You’ve got men versus women. You’ve got, you know, this geograph, geography versus that geography. And there’s so many different ways to break up, you know, people and segment people. And, um, Spanish, give me, give me kind of like the insights on like somebody that wants to get into the Spanish market.

[00:11:45] Steve Fretzin: Like what are some things that They may want to consider doing in targeting those folks.

[00:11:51] Hugo Gomez: Yeah. It depends on what city, uh, your firm is based in because, um, your Spanish marketing strategy in Miami will be different than that of Houston and Southern California, you know, the Pacific Northwest, North Jersey.

[00:12:07] Hugo Gomez: And it’s because the immigrant makeup of Hispanics in these markets are invariably different. In Florida, for instance, it’s, uh, very Costa Rican, Dominican, Republican, very Cuban. Um, in Houston, it’s multi generations of Mexicans. Um, you’re seeing similar, uh, similar makeups in Southern California. In Jersey, New York, it is so diverse.

[00:12:32] Hugo Gomez: It is one of the most difficult markets to break out in because you’re trying to appeal to a lot of Hispanics. Uh, various values, various stories, various entry points of immigration. Um, you have to localize it. So it depends, it start rather, it starts with where you want to start that strategy. Because where you start the strategy, let’s call it, you know, uh, San Francisco.

[00:12:57] Hugo Gomez: You have to ask your local markets. All right, the rather you have to survey your local markets and identify what percentage of Hispanics. Are coming from which countries, and then you have to distill what is the likely story of the immigrants that come from these countries? Are they coming in through the, through the standard processes, the legal processes, or are they undocumented?

[00:13:20] Hugo Gomez: And so all those layers will craft what the strategy is. And we tell Australians all the time, it’s harder to advertise in Spanish. That it is an English, but when you do it, right, the dividends are huge because you’ve bought yourself into a community that generally doesn’t have valid legal

[00:13:39] Steve Fretzin: resources when you can provide some direct examples, because a you’re targeting, right, is Spanish bilingual and Spanish speaking law firms.

[00:13:50] Steve Fretzin: I’m certain that the clients that you’re targeting, then they’re also maybe targeting Spanish speaking clients as well. So talk to that. I mean, maybe just use yourself as an example. I mean, you’re looking to meet lawyers and work with law firms. Are, is it that want, want that bilingual audience? Yeah.

[00:14:08] Steve Fretzin: Generally speaking,

[00:14:09] Hugo Gomez: uh, attorneys that, that wanna speak with us and wanna work with us, they understand either through data or through their just lived experience locally, that there are a lot of Hispanic people in their markets that they know that they need to speak directly. Okay. They

[00:14:26] Steve Fretzin: know

[00:14:27] Hugo Gomez: that their English marketing can only take them so far.

[00:14:30] Hugo Gomez: Got it. And so, and so they, what they’re asking is how to be positioned in Spanish in front of these markets, because generally speaking, these attorneys don’t speak Spanish or they have a limited, uh, fluency and a limited staff, uh, especially in marketing that, that can

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[00:16:33] Steve Fretzin: stand out. And if we just take your area, for example, and how you’re targeting attorneys, for example, what are you doing? Like, what’s your playbook to attract clients for your business that, um, in your area?

[00:16:49] Steve Fretzin: Cause that would be just an easy way to go. Is it? Is it social media? Is it email marketing? Is it a common billboards? I mean, what, what, what are the, what, what do the, the folks in your area sort of like block too?

[00:17:03] Hugo Gomez: It’s just, so we only focus on digital just because it’s the most efficient marketing pound for pound, um, in any market.

[00:17:10] Hugo Gomez: Okay. So it’ll still

[00:17:11] Steve Fretzin: cover some ground.

[00:17:13] Hugo Gomez: Yeah, tons of, it’s, it’s Facebook, it’s Instagram, it’s YouTube, uh, it’s Google ads. It’s, it’s the primary internet channels, but built for Spanish speaking audiences. Okay.

[00:17:26] Steve Fretzin: And so are there specific, I feel like I just keep trying to go deeper and deeper on this because it’s interesting to me.

[00:17:32] Steve Fretzin: Is there a specific cadence? Is there a specific, you know, thing that you know that they’re attracted to? Are they into, is it more about food? Is it more about like, what, what’s the attraction that that would get them to say, Hey, I want to talk to you go about representing my firm. And how we develop business,

[00:17:50] Hugo Gomez: you got it.

[00:17:51] Hugo Gomez: So, so generally speaking, attorneys want to work with us because they don’t, they don’t believe they have many options for Spanish digital strategy for attorneys. Like they just know that this is one fifth of the entire population in the U S. And they know that they need someone who has a data driven approach to advertising on their behalf.

[00:18:15] Hugo Gomez: That’s the only reason they, they, they, they see us online. We, we promote a lot of data. We promote a lot of stats from Pew Research Center, from the census. All signs point to you as an attorney need to be marketing to this, not as an option, but more as survival in the next 2 years, the next 2 decades. And generally speaking, what they’re looking for is someone to take care, not embarrass them, take on that responsibility.

[00:18:43] Hugo Gomez: Um, of talking to this market on their behalf with as little risk

[00:18:47] Steve Fretzin: as possible. Okay. So they’re not risk takers and they’re looking for someone that’s going to like take ownership of them and how really helpful their hand along the way. Yeah. And, um, that they’re going to feel really comfortable working with.

[00:18:58] Steve Fretzin: And then do you have some examples of a, of a client that you, you know, how you found the client, how they found you and then how you’re working with them?

[00:19:07] Hugo Gomez: Sure. So, um, uh, one of our case studies is. Uh, the Java Harry and yahoo day firm in California, they are a PI firm, uh, that was doing some substantial business and substantial growth year over year.

[00:19:23] Hugo Gomez: We met with them in 2018, it was cold emails, cold calls, and we said, Hey, we, we, we see what you’re doing. We see your growth. We believe that we could expand you into Spanish speaking markets through a separate entity, a separate brand, separate Spanish brand. And what they said was. This sounds weird. This is such a departure from what we’ve been pitched by other agencies.

[00:19:46] Hugo Gomez: What do you mean? And so we told them you have to have a dedicated Spanish brand, a standalone. It’s almost like its own business. And we’re going to run all of your Spanish advertising through this, this brand, what we call the Abogados Campeones, which translates to the champion attorneys. And so the German herring firm still exists in English.

[00:20:07] Hugo Gomez: We help them in English quite a bit, but now they’re the, the, the majority of the revenue is coming from their Spanish brand. And it’s because we are specifically talking. To the most underrepresented market in California, which is Spanish speakers in personal injury. And we speak directly to that market to the extent that we even set up events for them occasionally.

[00:20:29] Hugo Gomez: Um, we’re running all their YouTube advertising, all their Google advertising, and the majority of their ads budget and their marketing budget is now going into the Spanish brand. This is a very common trajectory where an attorney thesis is experimental as an incremental. And then it becomes their flagship brand.

[00:20:47] Hugo Gomez: It almost becomes more important than their English, uh, founding brand.

[00:20:53] Steve Fretzin: And I think it’s such a creative solution than just pushing a rope and saying, Hey, you know, let’s try to get Spanish people to deal with, you know, Johnson Smith and white, you know, law firm. I mean, that’s not, that’s not the right, maybe attraction.

[00:21:07] Steve Fretzin: So I love that you didn’t just do the marketing. You actually said, Hey, we got to come from like the root up to like fix this, to make sure that it’s going to heal and. And is it okay for, you know, like I’m a white guy, like to, to, you know, bring in Spanish speaking and then try to build a business on that?

[00:21:25] Steve Fretzin: Or is it, is it?

[00:21:26] Hugo Gomez: Yeah. Okay. Yeah. We just need to be honest. You know, what we promote for Abogados Campiones is. Is not that these two attorneys speak Spanish. In fact, they’re never on camera speaking Spanish. It’s not important. What we found is that Spanish speakers, when they’re making a decision to hire an attorney, what they’re looking for is does the firm have the bilingual staff?

[00:21:50] Hugo Gomez: That could be anyone. I mean, that could be a receptionist, that could be, you know, case manager, it could be, um, uh, paralegal. What, what the Spanish speaking consumer values is access. You know, they, they don’t want to have to run in circles and go through a bunch of hoops to get an answer. So we, we just promote honesty, you know, you know, if an attorney speaks Spanish fluently, where we believe they will be understood authentically, we always promote the attorney as part of the overall strategy.

[00:22:18] Hugo Gomez: But generally speaking, attorneys don’t speak Spanish and that’s okay. That’s cool. All we need to do is just be honest with the consumer and say, this firm has the best bilingual staff you can talk to regarding your, your auto accident injury. Yeah. And, and that, that speaks volumes. It’s, it’s definitely more of a cultural exercise.

[00:22:36] Hugo Gomez: It’s not a translation

[00:22:36] Steve Fretzin: exercise. Yeah. And are, are generally speaking Spanish speakers, um, legally underrepresented is that, is that a, is that a generalization or is that accurate? It’s pretty accurate. I don’t

[00:22:48] Hugo Gomez: have the stats on me, but generally speaking, um, it’s, there aren’t that many Spanish advertisers in some of the largest Metro markets.

[00:22:56] Hugo Gomez: They’re often, um, if, if, if there exists any Spanish marketing and I’m just calling PI for the example, uh, it’s generally an English firm throwing out or publishing some Spanish ads. Okay. Thank you. And it just doesn’t work in order for you to have valid Spanish advertising. That’s effective. You need those Spanish entities to be standalone.

[00:23:19] Hugo Gomez: So, uh, yeah, generally speaking, Spanish speakers by and large, don’t believe that they have, uh, many legal options as a result of the limited advertising out

[00:23:29] Steve Fretzin: there. Okay. I think we’re starting to get a handle on some, some good ideas as it relates to how to start to get into, for example, the Spanish speaking market.

[00:23:39] Steve Fretzin: Any other tips that you would say, again, for the do it yourselfers and say, you know what? I think I’ve got a great, uh, firm here. I’ve got a, I’ve got, you know, great services. I can handle, you know, criminal and mostly it’s white people. And geez, I sure would like to, you know, expand that out. What are, what are a couple other things that you’d say would be good ideas for them to consider?

[00:24:01] Hugo Gomez: Yeah. The first thing is get a Spanish domain name. Yeah. Build a microsite or a series of landing pages with a copywriter and a developer that knows local Hispanic markets in your area. Run some ad spend, uh, you know, experiment with it and make sure your ads are are for mobile devices. Uh, pew Research Center has a ton of data on this.

[00:24:27] Hugo Gomez: Hispanics Overindex, Hispanic adults rather, overindex on mobile usage as primary internet device. Over anyone else in the United States, even the general market. So, you know, experiment with names, but no matter what name you try out, throw out the ads on mobile devices, on Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

[00:24:49] Hugo Gomez: This is where the market is. This market is buying flight tickets, making, you know, restaurant reservations, looking for doctors, looking for their, their next, you know, date. They’re looking for attorneys as well on their phones. So. We try to keep everything where the market is. The market is very social.

[00:25:06] Hugo Gomez: The market is very much on their mobile phone. And so we, we don’t want to venture out of there. It’s only when you have significantly higher budgets in the mid six figures. That’s when you have to get really creative with, um, you know, well, like DSP, Hulu, just more, more sophisticated ad networks, but you can do a lot of damage with a few thousand bucks.

[00:25:29] Hugo Gomez: Uh, as long as your mobile focus

[00:25:31] Steve Fretzin: makes a lot of sense, makes a lot of sense. And, um, so like any, any, um, so yeah, tell us a little bit about, about your firm then. So what, so are you able to work nationally and know like what’s going on in Miami and what’s going on in Houston and all that and work, work on that level?

[00:25:48] Hugo Gomez: Yeah. So we’re nationwide and our team is about 50 plus team members, uh, across the Americas, North, Central and South. Okay. And in order for us to launch in a new market, let’s say Chicago, greater Chicago metro, or, you know, um, let’s say Nashville. We have to know that there is enough of a market opportunity for an attorney to stick out.

[00:26:13] Hugo Gomez: So, because these are very localized efforts, we have to. Make sure we know what the immigrant makeup is. We have to interview the attorney quite a bit about their understanding of the local market, uh, in order to craft that strategy for them in Spanish. So it, it, we’d love to come in thinking, saying that we have all the answers, but you know, I think we’re probably 60% of the way there.

[00:26:36] Hugo Gomez: In most markets. It’s, uh, other 40%, uh, where we get a lot of the feedback from the paralegals, the receptionists, the attorneys about what they see on the ground floor. Yeah.

[00:26:48] Steve Fretzin: Well, let me know if you need any insights on Chicago. Um, I’ve got some, some personal injury attorneys and other clients that I can introduce you to that.

[00:26:55] Steve Fretzin: I think he’d give you some, you know, some details of their experiences and what they’re, what they’re dealing with. But, um, fantastic. You go, people want to get in touch with you. They want to check you out further and maybe reach out to you for, for some help to reach those Spanish markets. What, uh, what are the best ways for them to reach you?

[00:27:11] Hugo Gomez: Yeah, so, uh, I would recommend going to abogadosnow. com. There’s a calendar at the bottom of abogadosnow. com where you can select the date and time to meet with our team. Uh, you may or may not be connected with me. It’s, it’s all random, uh, based on the rotation. Uh, but if, if, uh, if you really want to reach out to me directly, uh, email me.

[00:27:32] Hugo Gomez: If you go at abogadosnow. com, we could set up a, a, a one on one call that way manually.

[00:27:39] Steve Fretzin: Awesome, man. And then, uh, your game changing podcast is all in talk to us about that all in.

[00:27:45] Hugo Gomez: Yeah, I love the all in podcast. So it’s essentially, uh, there’s some industry Titans, Silicon Valley Titans. Um, I’m trying to remember the names here.

[00:27:55] Hugo Gomez: Shemar, Paul Bethea, uh, Jason Kalkanis, David Friedberg, David Stack. These are guys from, you know, PayPal, Facebook, um, really early stage investors to some of, you know, history’s biggest companies. Yeah. And they gather each week, they, they talk pack Baltic, uh, poker, um, just the state of the world. It’s as of late, there’s been a lot of conversations about the economy, which have been super interesting to hear.

[00:28:24] Hugo Gomez: Uh, and frankly, it’s, it’s billionaires talking about billionaire problems. That’s kind of

[00:28:30] Steve Fretzin: got to get into that and get, get into that billionaire mindset right off the bat. Um, well, very good, man. Thanks so much. And as we wrap up, everybody want to take a moment to thank our sponsors. Of course, overture dot law, helping people to ethically share their fees.

[00:28:44] Steve Fretzin: So, you know, sending things out and getting things in and making sure everybody’s getting paid and, um, doing actually a great service for your clients, getting them to a great lawyer. Um, we’ve got get visible on the digital side and of course, get staff up, uh, who’s helping people get staffed up with some South American connections.

[00:29:02] Steve Fretzin: And, uh, I love get staffed up and use them. Every day. Every day. Hugo, thanks so much, man. I appreciate you coming on, sharing your wisdom and giving us some different insights. I don’t know, you know, again, we don’t, I don’t even know that we’ve had this conversation in 300 and some episodes on this show.

[00:29:16] Steve Fretzin: And so I think it was really, um, insightful and interesting. And I think it’s, you know, a lot of attorneys maybe have some eyebrows raised about, uh, you know, not only about alternative markets, but about the Spanish speaking market and the growth of that particular sector. Yeah.

[00:29:30] Hugo Gomez: Thank you, Steve. I mean, if there’s any final thoughts that I could add.

[00:29:33] Hugo Gomez: It’s if you’re an attorney and you’re hitting some plateau because you need to find a new market. So we’re obviously biased with the Hispanic market. It’s the largest growing market in the United States. It’s 1 5th of the entire country. That’s a low hanging fruit. Um, however, we encourage you guys to see what else is going on.

[00:29:52] Hugo Gomez: Like I mentioned, there’s their attorneys that are looking at local Chinese markets. There’s African American markets. There’s. Filipino markets. I mean, they’re, they’re very localized efforts. If you win in these markets, you don’t win clients. You win families, generations, brands, huge networks. So we all, we can only recommend finding new markets.

[00:30:12] Hugo Gomez: That’s your path to

[00:30:13] Steve Fretzin: scaling. Yeah. And what a great way to end the show. I mean, I appreciate that last, the last ditch second insights. I mean, that’s really, really brilliant. And I appreciate that. So thank you. And thank you everybody for spending some time with Hugo and I today. Learn a little bit about alternative markets and how to get your claws into them.

[00:30:30] Steve Fretzin: And it helped me, you know, look, there’s so many different, you know, just like Batman, right? With all the different weapons on his belt, you got to have lots of different things. To consider as you make decisions about how to grow business and how to be sustainable in, in your market. And so, uh, you know, again, continuing to help you to be that lawyer.

[00:30:46] Steve Fretzin: Some, everybody, someone who’s competent, organized and a skilled rainmaker. Take care, everybody. Be safe. Be well. We’ll talk again real soon.

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