Jay Harrington:  The Dueling Banjos of Legal Business Development

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Jay Harrington discuss:

  • Seeing opportunity even in the time of COVID-19.
  • Prioritizing business development.
  • Networking efficiently and effectively with a plan.
  • Investing in a coach and the benefits of doing so.

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t assume that the opportunities aren’t there, you’ve got to just be simply become more active.
  • Prioritizing that one hour a day to work on business development is the most important thing you probably do all day.
  • Business development is the key to financial freedom and security.
  • There is value in making an investment. We take things more seriously if we invest dollars into something.

“The world is potential opportunity, there’s no reason why you need to be thinking about the only opportunities being the local networking events you attend, or those people who are in your immediate network who stick to lunch. You need to position yourself to be more visible and relevant in places where people are now searching for solutions – which is online.” —  Jay Harrington

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