John Kormanik: Reclaiming Your L.I.F.E.

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and John Kormanik discuss:

  • Creating a career that allowed John to have greater impact and geographic independence. 
  • Picking a firm and practice area that aligns with your values and lights you up. 
  • Lies lawyers accept in their profession. 
  • Setting expectations and boundaries in your career. 


Key Takeaways:

  • We are all placed on the planet to do incredible things. 
  • If you are busy, you are lazy because you aren’t making the hard decisions that need to be made for what gets you to stay on your 168-hour week. 
  • It is hard to improve when you’re on your own. You cannot see where your blindspots are and where improvements can be made. 
  • You are the bottleneck if you are trying to do everything yourself. You cannot do it all and expect to grow. 


“The fact of the matter is, you went to law school to have freedom. And a large part of freedom is getting to decide who you work with.” —  John Kormanik


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About John Kormanik: John R. Kormanik is a Certified Professional Coach and Lawyer who coaches lawyers. He’s driven by the belief that the only way for the legal profession to reclaim its soul is to learn how to say “no” to what no longer serves you. John guides lawyers to reclaim their L.I.F.E. (Legacy, Impact, Freedom, and Energy) by rewiring their mindset, reengineering their systems, and redefining their legacy. 


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