Marc Halpert: Building Your LinkedIn Profile to Maximize You

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Marc Halpert discuss:

  • How Marc became the LinkedIn expert that he is today.
  • Spending the time to show the world you’re amazinger.
  • The recent and upcoming changes to LinkedIn.
  • Working within the rules of the system you are bound to.

Key Takeaways:

  • LinkedIn is always changing, even as we speak. But there are ways to make LinkedIn work for you, even with the changes.
  • Using only your bio on your firm’s website is not enough. Put your personality into your LinkedIn profile and branding. People won’t know how to connect with you if they can’t figure out who you are.
  • People want to read narrative, they don’t want to read your laundry list of skills or dense paragraphs of text.  Tell people why, not what.
  • Write all of your profile in first person and present, active tense. People want to be able to relate to you as a peer.
  • Share on LinkedIn when you have something important to say and always end your posts with a call to action.

“If I’m looking to engage a lawyer, I want to find somebody who’s going to reflect the personality I’m looking for. I don’t want somebody who’s bland, dull, and boring. And everybody who went through law school missed the opportunity to learn how to market themselves.” —  Marc Halpert

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About Marc Halpert: Marc W. Halpert is a self-described “multi-preneur.” In 2010 he started his third concurrent company, connect2collaborate, to spread his LinkedIn and networking evangelism to train and coach others and offer professionals the opportunity to better explain their perceived mission and positioning on their LinkedIn profile pages: why they do what they do, not what.

As a personal LinkedIn coach, he advises and mentors professionals in all walks of life to renovate their LinkedIn personal and company profiles. He advises job seekers of all generations to differentiate themselves and extend their transferrable skills.

Marc is also recognized as a high-energy LinkedIn speaker at conferences and as an instructor to sales/marketing, HR/training departments at large and small professional service firms and companies including HUB International and GE Capital. He has taught at bar associations, professional practitioner groups, and law schools on these topics.

His book LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for Law and Professional Practices(2021 second edition, American Bar Association), helps all types of professionals learn to better market themselves using the tools in LinkedIn and be “amazing-er” than the competition.

His book You, Us, Them: LinkedIn Marketing Concepts for Nonprofit Professionals Who Really Want to Make a Difference, (2018, self-published) is the only book of its kind aimed at the nonprofit/NGO/association/foundation/membership organization industries and its employees to prosper in such a fast-changing industry.

Marc is a frequent podcast guest, author of articles, LinkedIn advisor to networking groups, and blogger every business day with a LinkedIn Nugget.

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Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 203-218-8288


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[00:00:00] Steve Fretzin: Hey everybody, before we get to the show, I wanted to share another amazing event we have coming up called Bootstrap Your Marketing to Build Your Personal Brand with me and my friend Ashley Robinson. We’re going to be talking about cost effective ways to grow your personal brand. It’s on March 22nd.

[00:00:13] Steve Fretzin: You can sign up by going to Fretzin. com slash events. See you there and enjoy the show.

[00:00:23] Narrator: You’re listening to Be That Lawyer. Life changing strategies and resources for growing a successful law practice. Each episode, your host, author, and lawyer coach, Steve Fretzinwill take a deeper dive helping you grow your law practice in less time with greater results. Now, here’s your host, Steve Fretzin.

[00:00:45] Steve Fretzin: Well, hey everybody, and welcome to another wonderful episode of Be That Lawyer. Be That Lawyer, the show that’s all about helping you to be that lawyer, someone who’s confident, organized, and a skilled rainmaker. If you’re hearing about Fretzin for the first time, that’s me, Steve Fretzin. We only do two things.

[00:00:59] Steve Fretzin: We work with individual attorneys all over the country, uh, that are solos all the way up to big firm lawyers that want to either become the best rainmaker they can be. Or we take existing rainmakers and make them better. That’s really what we do. And we love it every day. And, um, my job on the show is to bring you amazing guests that are going to, you know, help you be that lawyer.

[00:01:17] Steve Fretzin: Someone that’s going to, you know, just fulfill, you know, what’s missing. You’ve got gaps in your life, gaps in your business, gaps in things that you want to fill and you want to make every day count. That’s what this is all about. I’ve got Mark in the wings. So waiting to talk to you today. How you doing Mark?

[00:01:31] Steve Fretzin: I am raring to go at eight 30 in the morning. Eight 30 in the morning. All right. Well, I got seven 30 here in Chicago and, uh, Listen, that’s all good. That’s all good. What, uh, we’d love to do is start with the quote of the show. And I really, I really, you know, read yours and liked it and thought it was really great.

[00:01:47] Steve Fretzin: Um, it’s, um, a Marcus Aurelius look within, within is the fountain of good and it will ever bubble up if you dig. So, uh, first of all, good morning and welcome to the show and talk to us a little bit about that quote.

[00:02:00] Marc Halpert: Well, a friend of mine sent me this after I had worked with him on LinkedIn and it was.

[00:02:05] Marc Halpert: Really a great way to summarize what I try to do with my client. And that is. We all have something in us that we want to talk about. We all were taught not to talk about it because that’s the way we were raised by parents, clergy, teachers, you name it. Sit in the back of the room and be quiet. Well, if you look at my report cards from every marking period, it says, Mark should talk less and listen more.

[00:02:25] Marc Halpert: Sorry. That’s where entrepreneurs come from. If you have that in your history, you should be an entrepreneur or a lawyer. Either way, I didn’t become a lawyer. I became an entrepreneur and it took me a long time to get there. And to come to grips with the fact that I had so much great stuff to bubble up to the people I’m working with from all my experience.

[00:02:44] Marc Halpert: So I always said, your past makes your present and your present indicates your future. So it is in all of us if you let it and most people can’t get out from under themselves and they put up boring LinkedIn profiles and people leave when they read it and they

[00:03:04] Steve Fretzin: never come back Yeah I think there was and we are going to be talking a lot about LinkedIn today and one of my favorite subjects and certainly one of yours The, I guess the, you know, the dirty little secret is that people are looking at LinkedIn profiles, maybe more than websites.

[00:03:19] Steve Fretzin: I think there was an ABA study about that recently.

[00:03:22] Marc Halpert: Yeah. People want to go to one place where they can get everything in one goal. So if you Google yourself. And everybody should, from time to time, as I always tell my folks, hopefully your LinkedIn profile comes at the top, if not towards the top. And that’s where people want to go.

[00:03:37] Marc Halpert: So they’re either going to look at your Google or they’re going to look at your LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn is your best and only one place, one stop shopping to tell people why you do what you do. If you tell them like your resume, which is basically your obituary, everything you did in your past, they don’t care.

[00:03:54] Marc Halpert: It doesn’t matter. But if you show your personality. And show what makes you tick and they fall in like with you. And they contact you and they hear you on the other end of that contact, whether it’s zoom or phone or whatever it is And you’re using the same personality you have reinforced the reason they initially contacted you They go from falling alike with you to falling in love with you and the rest is bliss

[00:04:18] Steve Fretzin: Yeah, and we’re going to come back to talking a lot about linkedin and and and uh get deeper into the subject very deep into The subject today, but mark, what’s your What’s your reasoning behind LinkedIn?

[00:04:28] Steve Fretzin: What’s your, like, how did you come to be where you’re now this LinkedIn expert around the country, around the world?

[00:04:33] Marc Halpert: Okay. Uh, I had two other businesses before my LinkedIn business and I’ve just recently sold them. So they’re behind me. I love them 23 years. You better love them if you’re in it for 23 years.

[00:04:43] Marc Halpert: Uh, but as the economy grew or didn’t grow that business or didn’t raise at about Oh, seven Oh eight. I decided I needed new clients. I needed to meet new people. And I had become aware of LinkedIn. In 2001 and didn’t really think much of it and put it aside. And a friend of mine called me and goes, Hey, are you having a hard time?

[00:05:02] Marc Halpert: Like I am, this is Oh seven, buy me new clients. She said, I just got a new client on LinkedIn. And I said, okay, that’s it. You’ve now convinced me. Let’s go with it. And I started going to classes and I started hearing teachers teaching LinkedIn for dummies. Well, you know what? I don’t deal with dummies. I will not be dealt like a dummy.

[00:05:19] Marc Halpert: I will not. Talk to anybody like that may. So I used all this marketing and business know how I had to add what I call a dollop of marketing on top of your LinkedIn training. And this is where people say, wow, I could have never have thought of this by myself. Wow. I can’t believe you got me to say the things I did.

[00:05:37] Marc Halpert: And it is what I’ve been trying to say for so long. So yeah, I keep coming back to LinkedIn, but it is. Yeah. In me, it is what I’ve always done. I’ve always cultivated people. I’ve always collected people like baseball cards. I’ve always dealt, redealt the shuffle of the cards every so often, but they’re always in my deck of cards and that’s how I operate.

[00:05:56] Marc Halpert: Yeah.

[00:05:56] Steve Fretzin: And your be that Laura tipping point. I think you mentioned, uh, you know, or about 2007, was there something else that happened earlier than that? Oh yeah.

[00:06:04] Marc Halpert: Well, I mean, started my business in a one, like two days before nine 11. You know, screech of brakes, big problem. I said to myself, either made the biggest stupid mistake and you better go back to corporate if you can possibly go back to corporate, or you’re going to pick yourself up by your big boy pants and you’re going to keep moving forward.

[00:06:23] Marc Halpert: So a woman I met, about the only person would see me like the early days of September. Owen said, you know what, you’ve got something fantastic here. You’ve got drive, you’ve got high octane, and I’ve used that all, all along. And she said, go out and slay the world. Just try to do that much better than everybody else is doing it.

[00:06:45] Marc Halpert: You know, I’ve been thinking that I’ve been ever never really articulated that. Thank you. And that has been the rallying cry You know, I’m the white knight on the horse and I’m going be better than you can be be amazinger Which is my word because everybody’s amazing. I’m you and I had a conversation a while ago.

[00:07:00] Marc Halpert: We developed the amazingness of what we share But everybody has a little bit more, which we all find a little bit more every time we touch somebody or, or nudge somebody or whatever it is. And I just found that it was me. I had found what I had been looking for for all

[00:07:17] Steve Fretzin: my time. So everything’s good. And it bubbled up when you dug.

[00:07:21] Steve Fretzin: So there you go. That back to the, back to the quote of the show. You were, you were the quote of the show.

[00:07:25] Marc Halpert: Yeah. And I’ve been bubbling doing this learn. I’ve been on LinkedIn 20 years and I’ve been teaching it almost 14. And you know what I’m changing as the world changes. I’m changing as the clientele change.

[00:07:38] Marc Halpert: I never thought I’d be teaching lawyers. I never, never, never thought I’d go into a law firm.

[00:07:43] Steve Fretzin: Welcome to my world.

[00:07:44] Marc Halpert: Yeah.


[00:07:46] Marc Halpert: somebody called me and she says, I’ve got this great lead. I don’t want it. I’m scared to death of lawyers. It was a big firm. And I said, I’ll take it. Yeah. Another challenge, why not?

[00:07:57] Marc Halpert: Did all my research, walked into the firm. They looked at me, I looked at them and said, okay, we’re going to do this folks. You’re looking at me. I’m not a lawyer. I’m looking at you. You’re not a LinkedIn expert. Let’s even the playing field and figure it out. And that was a one year assignment. That was a great, great experience.

[00:08:12] Marc Halpert: Yeah.

[00:08:12] Steve Fretzin: And there, there is something fun in, in my world and in yours, um, working with some of the smartest people in the world and lawyers, because when you’re teaching them something that they don’t know. I think they revel in the education, they revel in the, in the aha moments and seeing things work that they, that they, you know, didn’t have to necessarily figure out themselves, right?

[00:08:31] Steve Fretzin: They didn’t have to, you know, you know, just, just wing it. You know, they actually, you know, took the time to, to, you know, to, to absorb the education or to work with you to, uh, to get it pulled out. Mark, you’re the founder of Connect to Collaborate. And also, uh, a multi, multi time author, and I’m just so excited to have you and, and, um, I, I, we immediately hit it off when we spoke because we’ve been, we’ve both been on the LinkedIn kick.

[00:08:56] Steve Fretzin: You made it into a business. I, I teach it as a, as a result of out of necessity that lawyers do generally a terrible job of. Promoting themselves in, in a non promotional way. Uh, they, you know, they, they’re not leveraging this tool that I wish I had. I used to go through the phone book to find business back in the, you know, eighties and nineties, right?

[00:09:17] Steve Fretzin: I mean, that’s how I got business was open a phone book. And some people listening are like, what’s a phone book, right? I mean, that’s like, that’s how. How outdated it is, and this thing LinkedIn is like the greatest business development branding tool that’s ever, ever existed on this planet and they’re not using it.

[00:09:32] Steve Fretzin: Um, what do you see as the lawyer’s greatest challenges with getting in and using LinkedIn effectively?

[00:09:40] Marc Halpert: All right, first of all, LinkedIn is just poorly laid out. It is like everything else. Microsoft, you gotta know your way through, you gotta map your own mistakes, and you gotta figure out what you did that you lost that entire file.

[00:09:52] Marc Halpert: Oh my god, where did it go? I’ll never do that again. So, LinkedIn’s hard to use. LinkedIn is always changing. LinkedIn is changing as we speak, and just yesterday, Friday, I found out that there are three new changes coming this month, plus into next month.

[00:10:08] Steve Fretzin: I definitely want to hear about that. Let’s, let’s make a note and come back to that because I think I want to start with the, with something a little, a little more basic than what’s coming up and what’s new.

[00:10:17] Steve Fretzin: And that’s, Yeah. How do lawyers use LinkedIn to start to build and develop their brand and to become known? Because right now they’re like the best, many of them are the best kept secret. They’re phenomenal lawyers, right? That can get things done better than anyone else, but they’re waiting for the phone to ring and they’re not engaging and they’re not getting their name out there.

[00:10:39] Marc Halpert: All right. All right. So first of all, most lawyers do the extent of their marketing by writing their bio on there. Firm’s website. Uh, no, that’s not going to work. Okay. No, one’s going to read your bio. I’m sorry to tell you that no one really cares. There’s certainly, if they read it, they’re not going to absorb it.

[00:10:53] Marc Halpert: You’ve got to talk. Okay. They are looking for it. So I’m a lay person. I’m not a lawyer. I, if I’m looking to engage a lawyer, I want to find somebody who’s going to reflect the personality I’m looking for. All right. I don’t want somebody who’s bland, dull, and boring. And everybody who went through law school missed the opportunity to learn how to market themselves.

[00:11:10] Marc Halpert: And that continues to today. I still market to law schools to teach their students and their graduates how to market themselves. And the marketing people in your firm, if you have marketing people in their firm, and if they have any gray hair. have not learned how to use LinkedIn for marketing. So you’re looking to the expert in your firm for marketing, and they don’t know how to tell you to market yourself on LinkedIn.

[00:11:36] Marc Halpert: So let’s, let’s get back to basics here. You have to look at yourself from a 30, 000 foot view. If you were looking for a person like you, would you contact you based upon what you have on LinkedIn? And if you wouldn’t, You better start working on it and don’t expect it to happen in an afternoon because it takes a long time to write a good piece of marketing as dense and as extensive as LinkedIn will let you as dense and as extensive as you are willing to talk about yourself.

[00:12:08] Steve Fretzin: Well, Mark, at the same time, I don’t want to scare people off that they have to spend, you know, a couple of days of their life or something crazy. I mean, Is because that’s that’s lawyers problems too, is they make perfection the enemy of good. I’d rather see someone with a good profile that gets a message across and is readable and connects them than something that’s so intensive that they just end up getting paralyzed by it.

[00:12:31] Marc Halpert: It depends upon your, on your function. For example, if you’re in a firm, you don’t have to fill out all the sections of LinkedIn, but if you’re a solo or you’re just hanging a shingle out for the first day, you better have a perfectly complete LinkedIn profile. So look, this is an investment of your time in yourself.

[00:12:48] Marc Halpert: I can’t think of anybody else better to spend time on than me or you or somebody that will benefit from what we’re talking about here. If you’re not willing to spend that time, do it in small bits and pieces. But map it out. Plan it out. Don’t think you’re going to write the whole thing in one theme. You have many themes in your life.

[00:13:12] Marc Halpert: You have many things that you can pull together, many pieces and threads of experience that you have stories to tell, tell stories. We want to read success stories where you were faced with something difficult. You researched it, you persevered, you slay that dragon and you won the day. And you know what?

[00:13:31] Marc Halpert: All those skills, all that experience is always yours. You put it away and you pull it out again some other day. And you use it, and it goes, gets put away a second time, a little bit better than the time you pulled it out the first time. It’s all about spending the time to understand what is it that you really do, what do you want somebody reading to understand about you, and why

[00:13:52] Steve Fretzin: should they bother with you.

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[00:15:47] Steve Fretzin: You know, just in hearing you talk, Mark, and I’ve, I’ve updated my profile, you know, dozens and dozens of times, and even in the last, you know, maybe a couple of years, a number of times. And when you’re talking, I’m writing down the note I just wrote down is pain points and testimonials.

[00:16:02] Steve Fretzin: And so, like, my thought is, all right, I’m going to rewrite my about section of my profile, where I said, because I actually went through 2023, looked at all the pain points that lawyers came to me with, rated them based on how many were said over and over again. And I’ve got, like, my top five that have been mentioned, you know, maybe a dozen or more times.

[00:16:20] Steve Fretzin: And I’m going to list those. These are the top five reasons lawyers come to me. Here’s the results of the lawyers that have worked with me. And that tells us, and maybe you’re going to help me refresh that, but that to me should resonate and will resonate better with attorneys than I do this. I do this. I do this.

[00:16:36] Steve Fretzin: I do this. You know, some, some long drawn out. I do page.

[00:16:39] Marc Halpert: Yeah. No, we want to read. Narrative. We want to read narrative with good white space in between paragraphs. We don’t, as a, as non lawyers, we don’t want to read dense paragraphs to understand. You know what you want to say, but the average reader doesn’t know what to, what you’re, what you’re trying to say sometimes.

[00:16:55] Marc Halpert: We all suffer from writing block like that. So ask somebody who’s on the outside to look at what you’re proposing to write LinkedIn. Does it really tell all about me? Does it tell you what you know about me? Have I forgotten something? If I repressed something, That’s also important. And you hit on one of the things that’s changing on LinkedIn.

[00:17:13] Marc Halpert: The about section is about to move to the very top of the link. Wow. Okay. That’s a, you’re hearing that first here, folks, articles and all the other junk that’s there. People want to get to the guts. Here’s the problem, Steve. I don’t know how many lawyers I’ve worked with who said, I say to them, where’s your about section?

[00:17:31] Marc Halpert: You didn’t open it. Uh, where is it? No, no. But, but Mark, it says where I work. That’s all I need. No, that’s not right. It says you’re at XYZ firm. That doesn’t tell me why I should even read more about you like the headline on a newspaper. Tell me why. Don’t tell me what. Tell me not, I don’t care how senior you are and partner doesn’t mean anything necessarily in terms of why a buyer would buy your services, buy the stuff between your ears.

[00:17:58] Marc Halpert: Tell me where you have spent the time learning, perfecting what you do. You talked about recommendation. That’s a place most lawyers get stuck and hung up and in trouble for ethics violations. So folks, you’ve got ethics issues. I talked to the financial services firm. They’ve got compliance issues.

[00:18:17] Marc Halpert: Everybody’s got something. Okay. Work within the system. Get somebody to write a recommendation for you by asking them to write about the time when. Tell a story. Give them the basics. Ask them to give their perception of how you did so well. If they start saying, well, you know, Steve’s the only attorney I’d ever hire who could win back the 20 million that I lost.

[00:18:42] Marc Halpert: You can’t replicate that. So you better never say that.

[00:18:44] Steve Fretzin: Well, but it’s just common sense that if, if you can’t say you’re an expert or you can’t make certain claims, but other people can. Use it. Like, why not get that on your profile? Why not get that information written by people who think you’re the best at what you do and you’ve, you’ve directly impacted their life in a positive way?

[00:19:03] Steve Fretzin: Just ask. They, you know, especially when that, when the iron’s hot, like they, they’re telling you how great you are. They’re telling you you’re the best lawyer they’ve ever worked with. Say, Hey, you know, that’s, you know, I bet there’s a lot of people that don’t know that. And I’d love to work with them. Do you think you could write a few sentences and then to your point, coach them on what you’re actually looking for?

[00:19:20] Steve Fretzin: Because If everyone’s just saying, I like Steve, Steve’s a nice guy. I appreciate that I’m a nice guy, but that’s not really helping other lawyers figure out that I’m going to double, triple their book or that I’m going to, you know, internal help them internalize ways of doing things that they’ll never go back and have a bad year.

[00:19:37] Marc Halpert: No, I will tell you that whatever you get back as a recommendation from somebody recommending you, you do not have to publish until it satisfies the ethics rules. So you can roll it by your ethics officer in your firm. You can take it to your local bar association and they’d love to help you. They’re not there to squash you.

[00:19:57] Marc Halpert: They’re there to work with you. And I talk to bar associations all the time. They say, tell the world that we’re not bad people. We’re just trying to work within the rules we all live under. And so if that recommendation comes back to you from the first writing, and it’s not going to work for any of a bunch of different ethics reasons, back the person who recommended you and say, look, I really appreciate what you said.

[00:20:20] Marc Halpert: But we do have ethics rules in my field, which you may not be aware of because other than lawyers, nobody knows about this. And so could I ask you to soften the language in line five, change this to a different adverb or adjective in line seven, spell my name correctly, because I get that all the time.

[00:20:39] Marc Halpert: Steve’s an easy name to spell. Mark with a C, forget it. And anybody else who has a name that’s hard, don’t refer to me as Mr. Halpert because it seems like I’m not on a peer level with you. And also lawyers, when you’re writing your profile, write all of your profile in first person and present tense. I am not present, not passive tense path, active tense.

[00:21:02] Marc Halpert: Sorry, man. No, it’s all good. It’s all good. Make it so that we can relate to you as a peer. Then when you’ve got that recommendation, correct. And it’s good publishing just because you publish it to your LinkedIn profile. Doesn’t mean you have to always have it there. So if you’re talking to somebody else who might be a competitor of the person that wrote that recommendation, you can hide that recommendation.

[00:21:26] Marc Halpert: So not many people know that, and it is something you can do. Recommendations are huge. This is how we make the consumer buying decision of this brand. Do I buy just with my brains, or do I buy with my heart? And then consumers of services and product, even in the professional field, are using the combination of heart and brain.

[00:21:46] Marc Halpert: And we don’t know if it’s 50 50 or 60 40. We don’t know what the spread is, because everybody’s different, but make it so that people say, somebody I want to put on my short list. I like this person.

[00:21:56] Steve Fretzin: Okay. Mark, I, I, there’s one thing that I, I have to ask you because if I don’t, my clients will be upset with me.

[00:22:03] Steve Fretzin: And that is, it’s one thing to set up a great profile so that if people see you, they, they understand, you know, your, your, your personality over your pedigree, for example, the biggest challenge they have is writing content that’s going to be read, follow, commented, shared, and they just feel like it’s a big waste of time because they’re not getting business from it or they’re not seeing.

[00:22:26] Steve Fretzin: That interaction and maybe to some degree, it just takes time and other, you might say, no, no, yes, but here’s what needs to be put out there that will get that interaction. I think they’re missing that, that little piece of the, of the puzzle.

[00:22:41] Marc Halpert: That’s not a little piece. It’s a gigantic. They’re missing that

[00:22:43] Steve Fretzin: big piece of the puzzle.

[00:22:44] Steve Fretzin: That’s what I said.

[00:22:45] Marc Halpert: Yes. It’s a gigantic piece of the puzzle. Okay. You can have a great profile, but if no one’s reading you and no one knows about you or no one’s referring you, it goes nowhere. It’s just petrified. How do you get people to notice you? Okay, the law is always changing. We are looking to lawyers to interpret the changes in the law for people who were following those changes.

[00:23:08] Marc Halpert: So you put out a post, just read the most recent decision by the Supreme Court. I’m making this stuff up off of my head. In which a case was heard and these are the facts. So, you lay the facts out. I just decided this. This is the change. So if you are involved in a situation when now you know and I is happy to provide you that information.

[00:23:34] Marc Halpert: Ah, now that’s interesting. You told me something I didn’t know. You told me something I should know that you now know. Now we both know. Now you’re the source. So now as a reader, I can share this out to other people. I can share it in my company. I can share it to other, other people who might be in a similar situation.

[00:23:52] Marc Halpert: So that’s the first of four ways

[00:23:55] Steve Fretzin: to get interaction. Well, before you move on though, Uh, is it educating people on that, on what happened so they understand it and now they know it? Or are you also adding your opinion on it? Is that a way to, to, to share or, or is that something they should be wary of? It’s a

[00:24:10] Marc Halpert: personal decision.

[00:24:11] Marc Halpert: Sometimes just adding the education is enough to make you into a referable, reliable source. Oh, I read this from this guy or this woman in, in this firm. I want to know more. Well, maybe they’ll just contact you. Oh, I want to know more. I saw your post. Okay. Where somebody sent it to me. Another thing is if you do add your own opinion, be sure that you’re in the authority to add that you just don’t just lay your opinion on an area you don’t have expertise in.

[00:24:38] Marc Halpert: I’ve seen that a lot. People do get a bit, a bit of a, in hot water. So just be sure that whatever you’re putting out there that you want people to know, you tell them why they need to know it, right? Okay. That’s a little interpretation, a little bit of facts. It’s a little bit 50 50 what you’re asking. Okay.

[00:24:54] Marc Halpert: The second thing about using posts is you want to tell people something that they may not yet know, but they should feel that you feel from your knowledge. That they might not feel yet. Now that’s an interpretation. That’s from my lens where I’m seeing things. This is where the future may go. I believe it may.

[00:25:17] Marc Halpert: We’re not so sure, but all the pullbacks, caveats to that, but tell people this is what is going on and why I think we are

[00:25:26] Steve Fretzin: at a crux. So that sounds like the my take opinion angle for this. More opinion, more

[00:25:34] Marc Halpert: opinion than fact. Okay. The third thing is, this is what I believe because I feel it and know it.

[00:25:40] Marc Halpert: You may not believe it, feel it or know it, but this is why you ought to believe it. And that’s powerful stuff because if you really are the expert and you think I should believe that there is change coming and we better be ready for it. You’ve told me something really valuable that I can go back to management and say, or my own firm and say, we really need to get ready for this.

[00:26:02] Marc Halpert: Now, somebody might’ve said that about AI a year ago. I’m hearing about reading a lot about AI, but looked into it. It’s really interesting. I feel it’s really the thing of the future. I believe that we better be ready. And if you’re ready for it, well, the rest of the people are ready for it. You accomplish something huge.

[00:26:17] Marc Halpert: And the fourth thing is when you want somebody to do something that they’ll never do because they don’t believe it. They don’t feel it. They don’t know about it, but you’ve already done it and succeeded in a way. You’ve been told them. This is what you really need to do. And I did it. You can put any of those four, depending upon the situation out there on a post and you post on a consistent basis, not once a day, no one wants to has that time, not once a month, then you’re really not feeding the mouth, the monster that LinkedIn is, you put something out there whenever you have something important or interesting to say, you figure out whether it’s important or interesting to your readers.

[00:26:57] Marc Halpert: Yeah. And always end your post with a call to action. Please share with somebody you think that might benefit from this. Please contact me if I can help you or here’s the source where I read this.

[00:27:09] Steve Fretzin: I love, I love all that and uh, this is, this is the key and, and one thing I’d recommend on top of this is.

[00:27:16] Steve Fretzin: Find others either in your industry or, or outside of your industry that are doing this and, and just kind of like mimic them, like figure out like who’s doing this. Like, I’m not saying I’m, I’m the bees knees with this, but I put out a personal business related, but also personal posts and it got more traction than any podcast, you know, video or podcast episode that I’m putting out.

[00:27:39] Steve Fretzin: I got, you know, you know, 2, 500 views and, you know, a dozen or more comments for me. That’s pretty good. Because I think it hit home for people. I think it touched them and I think they, they felt that way too. And, and what I was talking about and, and, and I think that made a big difference. So I think. You know, if you can touch somebody and show your personality, that’s going to be better than something, maybe, maybe more, you know, analytical.

[00:28:03] Marc Halpert: You can also touch somebody directly by invoking their name, Steve Fritson.

[00:28:08] Steve Fretzin: Yeah. And people do that to me and I don’t mind it, but then sometimes I don’t, they don’t know me. I don’t know them. They just threw my name in to sort of get some movement and I was like, I don’t like that.

[00:28:18] Marc Halpert: No, that’s not fair.

[00:28:19] Marc Halpert: That’s not. I don’t think that’s professional. No. I think if you have a friend and I could do that with you. At Steve Fredson, what do you think or I’ve been speaking to at Steve Fredson? So Steve sees it all of my people see Steve all of Steve’s people see mark that just expands the audience. Yeah Really, really great stuff.

[00:28:38] Marc Halpert: Hey, we’re,

[00:28:39] Steve Fretzin: we’re, we’re wrapping up on time. Mark. We, I want to go through a quick speed round. This is like very fast. The three new tips that are coming out in February or LinkedIn. One of them was that they’re moving the about page up. What are the other two, two things that they’re going to be updating?

[00:28:55] Marc Halpert: Hashtags are going away. Mmm. Okay. Yeah. I wonder why

[00:28:59] Steve Fretzin: that is. I wonder why as well. I have no idea. Maybe they realize it’s just, it’s just not, not cutting it anymore. Maybe their algorithms are figured out based on the words. They don’t need the hashtags.

[00:29:10] Marc Halpert: I don’t try to think about the algorithms. Uh, third thing is I would say, stop feeding the algorithm folks and never stop feeding this bellied monster who, and there’s some people who think they understand it.

[00:29:21] Marc Halpert: You know what? The moment they understand it, it’s changed already. So stop it already. Okay. Thanks. There were other changes coming last year. There were 160 changes on LinkedIn and probably I’m missing a few, but there are people out there who actually collect these. Um, I don’t collect them. I don’t try to feed the algorithm.

[00:29:37] Marc Halpert: I try to just do what’s human, natural, and professional. And if you can’t be human, as you were saying, you got a lot of connect, connectivity over something human, the emotional, as the cerebral, and the cerebral side builds your brand, be fact worthy, be reliable, be relevant. And ask for referrals or encourage referrals.

[00:29:57] Marc Halpert: If you were for me, I refer you. It’s not a 50 50 proposition, but make it so that this is a collaborative effort. This is not a job board. This is the global water cooler of 1 billion people in the world talking about professional topics.

[00:30:12] Steve Fretzin: Hey, really great, Mark. So appreciate it. Let’s wrap up quickly with our game changing book.

[00:30:17] Steve Fretzin: The startup of you. Talk to us about that.

[00:30:21] Marc Halpert: Okay. The startup of you second edition, folks, the post pandemic edition. It’s hasn’t one great theme and that is you are in beta. You are never a finished product. The startup of you by Reed Hoffman, you might recognize that name. He was one of the founders of LinkedIn, not because he’s a founder of LinkedIn, but because he’s a really bright smart guy.

[00:30:43] Marc Halpert: And he wrote the book, the first edition. I loved it. Second edition that much better. If you haven’t read it, it’s a fast, great read, and it is going to rock your world because it’s going to make you realize you’re constantly changing. You don’t even realize how fast we’re changing. And we’re about to change even faster, AI and all the other stuff’s coming down the road.

[00:31:03] Marc Halpert: You have to be completely transparent and available because when I look at your LinkedIn profile, it has to tell me what your current status is, not what it used to be because you’re changing all the time.

[00:31:16] Steve Fretzin: Yeah. And give all your details, give your phone number, give your email. Like it’s so frustrating when, when it’s like an unfinished resume, you know, who’s going to hire that.

[00:31:24] Steve Fretzin: So I’ve just given that last recommendation. So Mark, if people want to reach out to you, they want to grab your book. They want to engage you for their firm to, to come in and help, help these, these, these four lawyers with their, with their LinkedIn acumen, what’s, what’s the best way to reach you?

[00:31:38] Marc Halpert: You go to my LinkedIn page.

[00:31:39] Marc Halpert: There’s a, with Mark with a C. Guess what? It’s Mark W. Halpert, just like you see right here. So go Google me and you’ll see my LinkedIn profile at the very top. Go to LinkedIn, search for Mark W. Halpert. Use the W and use the C in Mark because there are five other Mark Halperts here who hate the fact that I use it more than they do.

[00:31:58] Marc Halpert: Yeah. So Mark Halpert, you can phone call me. Imagine that the old phone call, even text me. I might even, I’ll answer right away. 203 218 8288. 203 218 8288. 218 8288, and if you want to email me, the old fashioned way of talking, markhalbert at connect, the number two, collaborate. com. I am in the moment, always available.

[00:32:25] Marc Halpert: I do this all day long. It is what I live to do. If you can’t tell, I love what I do.

[00:32:30] Steve Fretzin: Yeah, I think, uh, I think that’s been made very, very clear. Hey, as we wrap up, everybody want to thank our sponsors, of course, Lawmatics. Get staffed up and green cardigan marketing all amazing sponsors and friends of mine and friends of the show.

[00:32:43] Steve Fretzin: I use all of their Services to ensure that i’m as productive as I can be every single day mark Thank you so much for being on the show and sharing your wisdom and giving just a really basic level yet also kind of Little higher level look at what lawyers need to do to start being more successful in their branding using this this amazing tool

[00:33:01] Marc Halpert: Thank you so much steve.

[00:33:02] Marc Halpert: I’m, really glad you asked me. I really appreciate the time

[00:33:05] Steve Fretzin: Yeah, and shout out to our friend darren worse for making the introduction. Darren’s a superstar Thank you d and thank you everybody for spending some time again on the be that lawyer podcast Uh, we are here for you twice a week. Uh, please like and share and give us a, you know, kind review on Apple or wherever you’re listening to this.

[00:33:21] Steve Fretzin: Uh, we appreciate that and we’ll keep pumping out great content. So with that, be safe, be well, and we will talk again soon.

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