Neil Dishman: Business Development as a Daily Habit from the Beginning

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Neil Dishman discuss:

  • Reasons to hire a business development coach (even if you seem really good at it already).
  • The importance of business development to both young and seasoned attorneys.
  • Clearing the head trash to learn how to develop your business.
  • Having quality questions and a confident process and approach.

Key Takeaways:

  • From the beginning, you should be working on your book of business. Not necessarily bringing in clients right away, but planting seeds, networking, and building relationships.
  • As a lawyer, you are a business person with a product to sell. You don’t have any business to do if you don’t sell your product.
  • The more experience you get and the more substance you build up in yourself makes it easier to spot issues, ask good questions, and build your book.
  • There is no one skill or trait that is necessary to be a successful rainmaker that you don’t already have as a successful litigator.

“You need that book of business to have autonomy, to have security in your career. You can end up in a bad spot if you don’t.” —  Neil Dishman

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