Philip Fairley: Video Content Marketing for Your Law Firm

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Philip Fairley discuss:

  • Measuring everything in your business for success.
  • Biggest opportunities for growth for small law firms.
  • The most overlooked area of your law firm.
  • Competing with larger firms in your marketing without spending an arm and a leg.

Key Takeaways:

  • Run your business on the numbers, not on a feeling. Look at the data on a consistent basis and take action on it.
  • Get content out consistently – everyone is watching short-form videos, so do that. Right now, the biggest opportunity is video.
  • React to pop culture, use it as a way to brand, and tell people you’re a lawyer without saying it. This is one way to get your other content moving and visible to more people.
  • Repurpose your content – there are dozens of ways you can repurpose a long-form video with basic editing for different platforms and audiences.

“Your potential clients don’t know what they don’t know. By you educating them, you’re branding to them, and that’s when you’re starting to attract more.” —  Philip Fairley

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About Philip Fairley: Philip Fairley is the President and owner of The Rainmaker Institute, the nation’s largest law firm marketing company that focuses exclusively on client generation, lead conversion, and data analytics. During his time at Rainmaker, he co-developed Turbine: the only software platform that automates the intake process, and Rainalytics: the only tool that automatically measures all law firm data.

Philip holds degrees from Northwestern University, Wheaton College, and Keller Graduate School, is an NCAA Division I National Debate Champion, and is a recognized expert on intake, lead conversion, and innovative video marketing. His and Rainmaker’s expertise has been noted and quoted in the American Bar Association’s Journal, Entrepreneur, Inc., Fortune Small Business, Harvard Management Update, Business Advisor, the Chicago Tribune, Crain’s Chicago Business, and Attorney at Law magazines.

Prior to owning Rainmaker, he was the founder and CEO of two successful companies that specialized in legal tech, cyber security, and communications. He is married with three children and enjoys the Arizona lifestyle, mountain biking, and coaching youth sports. Rainmaker has helped over 23,000 attorneys and law firms grow their business by learning and implementing our proven marketing and intake strategies.

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[00:00:00] Steve Fretzin: Hey everyone, listen up real quick. Before we begin the show, I’d like to present my Be That Lawyer Challenge. If you’ve ever wondered how much more you could be making as an attorney, I challenge you to meet with me for 30 minutes to discuss your law firm. If I’m unable to identify ways to bring in more business for you, I’ll pay your hourly rate for our time together.

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[00:00:29] Narrator: You’re listening to Be That Lawyer, life changing strategies and resources for growing a successful law practice. Each episode, your host, author, and lawyer coach, Steve Fretzin, will take a deeper dive helping you grow your law practice in less time with greater results. Now, here’s your host, Steve

[00:00:49] Philip Fairley: Fretzin.

[00:00:52] Steve Fretzin: Well, hey, everybody. Welcome to be that lawyer. How’s it going? I hope you’re having a lovely day today. I don’t know. I’m not at the tail end of my day, but I’m definitely feeling like a bit of energy like coming upon me this afternoon. I don’t know if that’s because of you fill up or or what, but maybe because you’re from Chicago and you’re a big Chicago fan.

[00:01:09] Steve Fretzin: I don’t know. That might be a part of it. How you doing? I’m doing

[00:01:11] Philip Fairley: fantastic today. I love it. And I’m glad I’m not in Chicago right now. I’m in sunny Phoenix. Thanks. But, uh, that’s where my, uh,

[00:01:18] Steve Fretzin: that’s where my heart is. Well, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s, uh, right around Halloween time. This is probably going to air in December, but I, uh, I’m teaching my Tuesday morning classes.

[00:01:26] Steve Fretzin: I have for, you know, 19 years and I look out the window and sure enough, it’s snowing. Oh, you know, you don’t have to deal with that, but we, we here in Chicago, you know, we love our snow and we deal with the cold and we’re all happy, right? Everybody’s happy in Chicago. Now. But we try to be we try to be well, listen, um, if you’re here in the show for the first time, just so happy that you’re here, if you’re a regular listener, thank you.

[00:01:46] Steve Fretzin: Thank you. Thank you. And again, always coming on twice a week to try to, you know, make you a better lawyer, helping you to be that lawyer. Someone who’s confident, organized and a skilled rainmaker. And, uh, bring in a great guest and, uh, unfortunately we don’t have one today. Uh,

[00:01:59] Philip Fairley: I felt worse today already.

[00:02:02] Philip Fairley: I’ve got

[00:02:03] Steve Fretzin: teenage daughters. Yeah. All right. Well, again, we’re getting, we’re getting a little, I’m getting a little silly right off the bat, but, um, let’s get into that. Let’s get into the serious stuff, Bill, with the quote of the show. And it’s, um, it’s one that, that you guys maybe have heard before and it’s.

[00:02:17] Steve Fretzin: Absolutely true. No questions, ifs, ands, or buts. What gets measured gets managed. And that’s a Peter Drucker who came up with you know, dozens and dozens of these kinds of quotes. Um, but talk to me about, about that quote and then we’ll get into some introductions.

[00:02:31] Philip Fairley: Yeah, that’s really been an inspiration to me ever since at the ripe age of 21 years old, I thought I could do it better than the company I was working for, right?

[00:02:40] Philip Fairley: I knew I had to be an entrepreneur and I learned that by just thinking I could be a better technician at what I do. And that would be, that would just lead to riches and glory. And in fact, I didn’t measure any of the data. I didn’t know other than looking at my Chase account, what was coming in and what was coming out.

[00:02:58] Philip Fairley: When you measure your business, especially for law firms, and it’s not difficult, starting at point of intake, just measure everything that you possibly can, 10, 15, 20 data points to start. It changes your perspective. So now instead of running your business on a gut feeling. And hopefully it’s not on a Wednesday, because it was a bad Taco Tuesday.

[00:03:18] Philip Fairley: You’re actually

[00:03:19] Steve Fretzin: looking Hey, you may not be able to say that. I think Taco Bell’s got the trademark on that. Oh, okay, okay. It’s a big deal. It’s a big

[00:03:25] Philip Fairley: deal. Oh, but whatever you look at, it’s so interesting. When you look at the data on a consistent basis, at least once a month, it tells you a story. And when you see that story, you start taking action based upon it.

[00:03:40] Philip Fairley: And so whatever you’re measuring, it gets managed. And shockingly, the numbers get better. Yeah. Right. Yeah.

[00:03:48] Steve Fretzin: That’s where that comes from. Well, and here’s what happens when you don’t have the numbers. I was talking to an attorney and I said, how long have you been making an effort on business development? He said, 10 years.

[00:03:57] Steve Fretzin: And I asked a bunch more questions and I, he got upset with me cause I said this, but I said, I think the problem is that you have, you don’t have 10 years of experience in business development. You have one year, 10 times we do it the same thing over and over and over expecting it. If that now we’re talking Einstein, but you’re getting into, you know, expecting different results.

[00:04:14] Steve Fretzin: He wasn’t learning and improving, learning and improving, learning, improving, wasn’t looking at the data. He was just doing activity for activity.

[00:04:22] Philip Fairley: So hard. It’s so frustrating. You spend so much time because what worked pre COVID didn’t work during COVID and post COVID. I think that’s safe to say, um, things are changing like marketing, sales, intake, outreach, print.

[00:04:36] Philip Fairley: Everything is changing. The consumer behavior. Yeah. Um, if you’re paying for Google, you better be measuring those numbers because what worked before didn’t now. And when you look at them, Oh, you, you just interpret the story.

[00:04:49] Steve Fretzin: Yeah. And you guys that are listening, uh, you’re going to be a real big fan of this guy right away.

[00:04:53] Steve Fretzin: Philip Fairley, who’s the president of rain, uh, the Rainmaker Institute or Rainmaker, the Rainmaker Institute. And we had just the most wonderful conversation and all we kept thinking about after we got off the phone was. How are we gonna collaborate? What do we have to do next? How do we, you know, how do we stay in connection?

[00:05:09] Steve Fretzin: There’s just, I think, such an immediate synergy and not just ’cause you’re from Chicago, but I think just the fact that we’ve spent so much time around lawyers and working to help them and, and work smarter and, and, and just, I think we found like solace in, in, in each other’s company or something like that.

[00:05:23] Steve Fretzin: But we, well, yeah. ‘

[00:05:24] Philip Fairley: cause we deal with the same struggle working with attorneys and law owners. Yeah. Stop being an attorney and start being a business owner,

[00:05:31] Steve Fretzin: right? And that changes everything. No, no, that, and again, it’s, it will say it’s a process. That’s how we’ll handle that. So if you got to give us your background, let everyone know kind of where you’re coming from and how you got to be where you are today.

[00:05:43] Steve Fretzin: And then leading into that, be that, be that lawyer tipping point, which I think probably has to do with measuring and numbers and stats and things, but take, take us back a little bit. Yeah,

[00:05:52] Philip Fairley: so I started out in technology, um, in the mid nineties and then fell into legal tech because that was just kind of a burgeoning idea of let’s put this in a database and let’s put needle servers in our closet.

[00:06:05] Philip Fairley: So I had a I. T. consulting company in Chicago. Um, and just kind of tended to lean towards working with, with law firm owners, because there was such a need for that. There was a big revolutionary and then the next phase of the cloud and helping them navigate those things. I just saw this really big need in the niche.

[00:06:23] Philip Fairley: And so I started a couple firms that went along with that, a voice over IP phone company that catered to law firms. We did a couple other products that were just for law firms and from there, it just really started to grow where I really focused and niched just in this industry. Like next year will be about 25 years that I’ve been really kind of singularly focused on law firm.

[00:06:46] Philip Fairley: Yeah. Um, it started out on the tech and then in the early 2000s, it kind of flipped to the business growth and development. Of generating leads and converting those leads. And that’s why, you know, we have an intake system that helps our clients take a lead and turn it into a client. We have different types of lead generation that’s working and those things change and we measure the numbers.

[00:07:08] Philip Fairley: So it’s just kind of a happy evolution. And I always wanted to be an attorney back when I was in college. Um, I was blessed to be on the debate team. Got a full ride scholarship and we won NCAA Division I National Championship. Really? Oh my,

[00:07:22] Steve Fretzin: I didn’t know that. Holy

[00:07:24] Philip Fairley: crap. Yeah, that was a pretty big crowning achievement that I, uh, hung my hat on and didn’t make me a dollar.

[00:07:31] Philip Fairley: But it was still pretty, pretty interesting.

[00:07:33] Steve Fretzin: That’s pretty exciting. Most people don’t have that kind of, uh, either A, accomplishment or B, sort of like, you know, that kind of excitement. I mean, I was in a dance competition and, you know, with my fraternity and we won one year and, you know, nobody talks about it anymore.

[00:07:47] Steve Fretzin: Because it was, because it was ridiculous. That’s why, by the way. Um. No, it was

[00:07:51] Philip Fairley: good. It really got me into the idea of being able to think on my feet and analyze things. But you know, I was going to go down the road of being an attorney. Okay. I’m, I’m in a spot now where that’s all that we work with and it’s really, really fulfilling.

[00:08:04] Philip Fairley: Yeah.

[00:08:04] Steve Fretzin: Um. And so talk, talk about the transition to the Rainmaker Institute.

[00:08:09] Philip Fairley: Yeah. That’s a really interesting story. So my brother, Stephen Fairley started the firm. Um, and he started at the same time that I started my tech firms and, uh, coming both of us growing up on a dirt road in Maine on a, not a double wide, a single wide trailer with just really not a ton of, you know, prospects, but just had a drive to do more.

[00:08:29] Philip Fairley: And, and I, and, and we started businesses as an early age because there was not a whole lot of other things to do, but a dirt road is not a great place for commerce. So we had to spread our wings a little bit. So, uh, while I was building my legal tech firms, he was building Rainmaker Institute as kind of a coaching and consulting company to start with.

[00:08:47] Philip Fairley: And since then, we’ve kind of stopped those services about 15 years ago, but evolved into deliverables for that. And, you know, unfortunately my brother was a real Titan in this industry. If you knew, um, he was the first legal marketer, um, in the space and shared the stage, spoke at all the events, just really.

[00:09:06] Philip Fairley: Really helped a lot of attorneys grow their firm and become a business owner. And then unfortunately, about, uh, um, a handful of years ago, he was diagnosed with, uh, that terrible C word, you know, cancer does suck. So at that time made a family decision, uh, my wife that had never left Chicago and my little kids, and we sold my two remaining businesses, our house and hacked up everything came down here and, uh, took over Rainmaker.

[00:09:33] Philip Fairley: And I was blessed to be able to. You know, be part of the final, you know, days, months, years of his journey. And that, that was pretty, uh, that was pretty difficult as a brother. Cause we were always so close, shared bunk beds, many, many different times crazy. But, uh, uh, what I love is the fact that my experience and his experience were always seemed like on a single thread, sometimes intertwined, sometimes a little bit apart with what we were delivering and doing.

[00:10:01] Philip Fairley: But what I’m just excited about is that I brought the technology to Rainmaker. Um, and like, we have a tool called Rainalytics. That’s the only business intelligence data tracking software exclusively for Lopper. Um, instead of working with someone else’s on behalf of like a Salesforce or on the back of something else.

[00:10:21] Philip Fairley: Um, we developed our own intake system. Um, we run our firm with data. Why? Because that was my expertise and experience. So being able to continue his legacy and then just this year, we’re going to finalize our books. We’re going to have our biggest revenue year ever. And so for me personally, kind of brings a little bit of a tear to my eye because my brother affected change and so many people in this industry and that we’re able to continue to continue his message and continue his legacy.

[00:10:50] Philip Fairley: Yeah. That’s a blessing

[00:10:52] Steve Fretzin: and I’m not going to say I’m jealous, but that’s when I think about like what I want to, what I want my legacy to be and what I’m looking for out of, out of this business. Yeah. Yeah. I want to pay bills and I want to feed my family and I want to do well for lawyers, but I would really love to be thought of similar to your brother.

[00:11:10] Steve Fretzin: That I’m a, you know, a, a path, a path maker and, and someone who, you know, made, you know, made things better. I mean, I think that’s for most of us, especially for, for, you know, someone who’s lived through a near death experience, had a near death experience. You realize like, you know, we’re all gonna, we’re all finite, but at the same time, you know, to leave a legacy is, is something and, you know, whether that’s children or whether that’s, you know, your name in an industry.

[00:11:34] Steve Fretzin: Mm hmm. No. All very positive. All right. Hey everybody, here’s a fun fact for you. According to routers, the top three challenges preventing law firm growth are time lost to administrative tasks, winning new client business, and a spike in complexity of new technology. Another fun fact, Lawmatics solves all three, no contest.

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[00:13:12] Steve Fretzin: out. So. Let’s move on to talk about, you know, the topic of the show, which is almost always about law firm growth and development and everything.

[00:13:22] Steve Fretzin: So where do you feel like lawyers and law firms miss the mark as it relates to? Looking to grow and affecting change and growth, uh, you know, these days,

[00:13:34] Philip Fairley: right? Well, there’s a lot of options. There’s a lot of opportunities and your potential clients are on, on a best day are going to give you seven seconds, right?

[00:13:42] Philip Fairley: It’s difficult, right? It’s hard to do a lot of competition. Uh, big firms coming, moving in, smaller firms increasing. I was at the Illinois State Bar Association, uh, four weeks ago, speaking on, um, what I’m going to answer on this question with. And there was three attorneys that stood up because I was asking, I was surveying, it was about 120, 150 of us.

[00:14:03] Philip Fairley: And they had just. Um, got their bar in, in May and they already had their new law firm up and running. They went to law school to own a business. Yeah. Very different from what it used to be. The biggest opportunities that I see right now and where I see a lot of law firm owners failing unfortunately, is there’s so many options.

[00:14:23] Philip Fairley: It’s a paralysis by over analysis. I don’t know what to do. There’s so many things. I just got an email that somebody can 10X my firm in 10 days. And then I saw this other person and then I see these competitors, the owner that I just kicked his ass in court. He’s terrible attorney, but he’s got 10 other associates or now he’s got four low key.

[00:14:43] Philip Fairley: What is it? There are so many good real low high hanging fruits. So many good opportunities. So, instead of thinking of all the threats, you look at all the opportunities. So, for instance, right now, one thing that attorneys are missing the boat on is video. Now, I’m not talking about overly edited, highly produced law and order trailers or videos that, or, or, that they look like they belong in an AMC theater.

[00:15:08] Philip Fairley: I am talking about, um, kind of a DIY approach. Amateur with some little bit of touch of professional editing, but getting content out on a consistent basis, because that’s what everyone is consuming. Like right now you could be an attorney and put up a short form video, like a reel or a tick talk. And you could put it up there and you could talk about three things you need to know about divorce in North Carolina, and you could easily get two, three, four, 5, 000 views without a lot of effort.

[00:15:42] Philip Fairley: Now, is that going to lead to direct phone calls? Not one, but right now the consistency is key right now. The biggest opportunity is video. And I see it because we track the numbers, not the high produced ones. Nobody watches them, the consistent educational react, nurturing to thought leadership, answering questions that they’re looking for.

[00:16:11] Philip Fairley: That’s the videos that people are consuming and that’s what’s leading to the client, the law firms that are doing that. Exponential growth in there, but

[00:16:21] Steve Fretzin: there’s, but there’s, there’s, all right, so keep in mind and tell me if I’m off base on this, you’ve got a solo employment plaintiff side attorney, you’ve got a criminal attorney, you’ve got a, then you’ve got big corporate, you know, you know, at the big firms charging 1, 000 an hour, um, doing, doing big corporate mergers.

[00:16:44] Steve Fretzin: Is

[00:16:44] Philip Fairley: video

[00:16:44] Steve Fretzin: for

[00:16:45] Philip Fairley: everybody? Oh my gosh. Yes. The only problem is it takes them a lot longer to decide that it’s for them because there’s committees and

[00:16:52] Steve Fretzin: subcommittees. Yeah. Departments. Yeah, they got, yeah, they got a lot of looking at what they can actually put out legit. We’ve

[00:16:58] Philip Fairley: got this one client there in, uh, they’re in Connecticut.

[00:17:01] Philip Fairley: They are the largest law firm in, uh, Eastern Connecticut, uh, East department. They have two departments that are cranking out videos. And now the department heads at the other departments are wondering why their revenue isn’t keeping pace. So I don’t care if you’re doing MNAs, I don’t care if you’re insurance defense, I don’t care if you’re a large firm or a small firm.

[00:17:23] Philip Fairley: It’s, it doesn’t, none of it, I don’t care what practice area, honestly, I don’t, what I care about is. Who are your consumers and what are they consuming? I find myself, maybe I’m the odd guy and I, and my wife would be the odd wife and my sister and my name. Maybe we’re all odd. Maybe everybody I know is odd, Steve, but at the end of the day, or a lot of times, unfortunately, when you wake up, you’re grabbing your phone, right?

[00:17:51] Philip Fairley: That’s why cable TV is not doing it. Everyone’s on their phone. They’re consuming these things and you may start on Facebook. You may start on new, but then you always trickle into some video. And if you don’t believe me, just think about your last couple of times where you had that relationship with your phone.

[00:18:07] Philip Fairley: That’s what we do. So, if your prospective clients, everyone has a smartphone, they’re all consuming this, and if you look at your algorithms on TikTok, or, or Thread, or Snapchat, what, or, or Shorts, or Reels, or YouTube, whatever it may be, it starts to curate things that you like. They are good at that. So, if you’re a 65 year old grandmother, If you’re a 23 year old new brand new associate, if you’re a 45 year old new named partner, your video preferences that are on your phone are going to be tailored to what you like.

[00:18:42] Philip Fairley: Do you like fishing? Do you like the bull? Do you like the black hawk? Do you like food? Do you like X, Y? Those things show up. But

[00:18:50] Steve Fretzin: I’m, I’m going to push back a little bit. Not that that video can’t work for everybody. However, and to your point, there’s a lot of pushback, uh, from, you know, from a, from a large firm, mid market firm standpoint of what, what can get out and what can’t get out.

[00:19:04] Steve Fretzin: I think that there’s, there’s consumers. And there’s referral partners that could get a lot out of the videos that someone produces. However, if you’re at a big firm and you’re doing big M& A transactions, the videos, you can still be out there, but I think they’re different videos. I think that there’s, Who are you targeting and how you put out those videos and how the quality, not saying the quality can still be doing yourself, but, you know, I don’t think you’re going to do any sticky type stuff, right?

[00:19:32] Steve Fretzin: You’re probably going to do more, you know, bedside, deskside, you know, education or something, but I don’t know. We’re not seeing a lot. Uh, at least I’m not seeing a lot of business to business, big firm, mid market lawyers doing videos. That I’m hearing about it’s more not

[00:19:51] Philip Fairley: even seeing a lot of small firm do that.

[00:19:53] Philip Fairley: Okay. Okay. You see a couple You see a couple here and there I see a

[00:19:57] Steve Fretzin: lot of people cut I mean, I look I I’m on Instagram and it’s the same video. Hey lawyers. Can you ten time? Hey lawyer, it’s always starts this way. Hey, hey lawyers. Why are you frustrated with it’s like the same video with a thousand different faces Coming at me and I’m thinking should I be doing?

[00:20:14] Steve Fretzin: Hey lawyers? Uh, or should I be doing this or should I be doing that? And I’m just like, no, I do my own thing, but you know, Well,

[00:20:20] Philip Fairley: what we tell our attorneys when they’re creating their content, it’s tell me an attorney without telling me you’re an attorney. You know, what you’re doing is you’re branding with video and you’re raising awareness.

[00:20:31] Philip Fairley: It’s what I call kind of top of the funnel messaging. There’s top of the funnel messaging. There’s middle funnel, and then there’s bottom of the funnel. The bottom of the funnel marketing messaging is here’s a demo. Would you like to buy our X, Y, and Z or hire us? Middle market messaging is, hey, you’re in my funnel.

[00:20:47] Philip Fairley: Let me tell you why we’re the best for you. And here’s what we do. Supercharge those with videos. They’re nurturing. It’s crazy response for fresh video is the top of the funnel messaging. It’s like high education. Get the most eyes on it. Some of our clients are getting 10, 15, 20, 30, 000 views in a couple days by they’re doing react videos.

[00:21:10] Philip Fairley: On like, if you’re in criminal defense, right? Or if you’re an M and A Wait, wait, wait,

[00:21:14] Steve Fretzin: time out. What’s a react video?

[00:21:16] Philip Fairley: Oh. Um, here’s a great example. Now, if you’re an NBA fan, you can follow this and, and I’m not anymore. When Michael Jordan retired, my NBA days were over. Sorry. I’m with you on that. I probably got a couple of thumbs up on that, right?

[00:21:29] Philip Fairley: NBA went down. Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan was done. Um, but John Moran this past summer, Memphis Grizzlies player. The only reason I know this is our, we had a bunch of clients do this work and get a lot of. R. O. I. on it, John Morant got caught in a strip club with a gun. And then, like three weeks later, he got caught in another strip club with another gun.

[00:21:50] Philip Fairley: Um, so the attorney, um, would, in that instance, you’re looking for pop culture, because that’s what we also consume. So an attorney breaks down John Morant getting caught with a gun. And this, the one that had the most success, cause he’s, you know, he was all over these react videos. Um, he was in New Jersey and John Moran’s in a different state and the NBA players are all across the world.

[00:22:13] Philip Fairley: He got about 10 clients out of that because they had gun issues. And then they’re like, wow. So these react videos, they’re pop culture. Like if you’re in family, you should be doing a react video on like Gary and Megan, cause they’re going to get divorced. Right. Well, you know, these are react videos that are for branding, but tell me you’re an attorney without telling me you’re an attorney.

[00:22:33] Philip Fairley: Raise your profile and say, Hey, here’s a lawyer breaks down this, and it’s in pop culture. So people are consuming it. And then what happens, Steve, is when your videos start seeing more and more views, thousands and thousands of them, all your other videos start showing up as well. And these are education.

[00:22:51] Philip Fairley: Five things you need to know about X, Y, Z in your state. Right. Or here’s how you’re, you know, here’s what happens when you get arrested or what not to do with a probate or whatever it may be. Now, when you get into a special things, like you were talking about MNA and big law, I’d play that in for like intellectual property and trademark attorneys to highly sophisticated within the sophisticated industry, heavy on the education because your potential clients don’t know what they don’t know.

[00:23:22] Philip Fairley: Right. And by you educating them, you’re branding them, and then that’s when you are starting to

[00:23:29] Steve Fretzin: attract more. But, but what you’re saying is coming through so clear to me that if, if, uh, if a criminal attorney can break down, uh, an NBA player with a gun in a strip club. Couldn’t an M& A attorney break down the most recent merger, how it went down, yeah, or real estate, Google just took over the Daily Center, and let me give you the breakdown on how that went down, and like, so they’re, they’re, they’re getting to be known and popular through ex, ex, not, uh, Not giving their, you know, like, I don’t know if it’s opinions or is it just, it’s their opinion, but there’s something that like they can do it and there’s other things where they have to be careful.

[00:24:05] Steve Fretzin: Right?

[00:24:06] Philip Fairley: Yeah. Yeah. And it’s really, is there, you know, cause you want your personality to come out. That’s why I hope overly edited videos don’t work because they hire, I guess

[00:24:14] Steve Fretzin: you don’t give legal advice, but what you’re giving is your, again, you’re just giving your breakdown of what you’re seeing. From your perspective, which is it?

[00:24:21] Steve Fretzin: You’re

[00:24:21] Philip Fairley: like, okay, if you were in Oklahoma, here’s what would happen if he was in Oklahoma. Yeah. Right. And then you bring it local. Okay. Um, he’s doing react videos will get you more PR than any PR company you could hire and is more likely, especially if you know the local news stations to have them follow you.

[00:24:41] Philip Fairley: But the point being, Getting out react videos and these other types of videos that you and I are consuming is not hard when you know that there’s a process because people are like, okay, let’s do some video and they put up a tripod. They’re like, I know exactly what I want to say. And then they turn on that 7 inch piece of plastic and glass and then they crumble.

[00:25:00] Philip Fairley: Yeah, you’re like, then 48 takes later, three days later, you’re like, screw this video’s not for me. I’m not entertaining. I’m boring. Yeah. And I don’t know if you can see the video, but I’m making fun of myself. I’m bald. I’ve got a beard. It’s half gray. I wear glasses. I’m old bocce. I’m like, I don’t like any of that.

[00:25:19] Philip Fairley: I want to stop video. But the key is with this Steve is know that there’s a process. So what we have done is. Break it down into scripting and shooting and then distribution. Because when you know that there’s a process, then you find content. I, because while we’re talking about right now is content because video is the number one opportunity for law firms right now.

[00:25:41] Philip Fairley: And if you don’t believe me, go to YouTube and then pull up your practice and then search because YouTube is the number two search engine owned by the number one search engine, Google, and they’re incestuous and they love each other and actually YouTube links are now showing up on your Google searches right in the middle.

[00:25:56] Philip Fairley: So once again, another reason why. SEO may not be your best bet for, um, ROI right now, but when you put these videos out and you’re answering questions that they’re looking for or trying to describe or understand, your videos come up in searches. So you SEO the title of it. You have this process where you can script it, you can shoot it.

[00:26:21] Philip Fairley: And then you distribute it. And the key is getting these three pillars in place. Like we have templates that we use for prescripting. And when I say that, I think of Mad Libs. Like 15 different versions. Like a digital video, or a react video, or a profile video, or a core video that you need to put on your website.

[00:26:41] Philip Fairley: Like about us, or how does this work, or those different things. So you come up with your idea, And you lay it out in a, in, in a little template, a little Mad Libs fill in the blank. Yeah. Then you have your script. And then when you shoot with a video, you need to have a location in your office, your house and you change it up.

[00:26:58] Philip Fairley: But then you’re just reading the script or rehearsing the script. Don’t turn the stop button. Don’t hit the stop button, record it. But the key is then distribution.

[00:27:08] Steve Fretzin: Well, yeah, and that’s the, that’s the trick is like, I can do a zoom video with you right now. We’re recording this video as well as the audio.

[00:27:16] Steve Fretzin: And then I have all, I have 35 minutes of content that we could break up and repurpose. Most people then don’t know what to do with it. What’s the distribution channel? What’s the play to get it out into the ether?

[00:27:29] Philip Fairley: Well, besides overcoming the fear of this, the seven inch piece of glass and plastic will make the biggest person crumble.

[00:27:36] Philip Fairley: I, I just, I get it. But

[00:27:37] Steve Fretzin: assuming we have a video that we can edit, basic level editing. Okay.

[00:27:42] Philip Fairley: Yeah. So what you want to do is I’m so frustrated that certain law firms will create certain content for certain platform. When I say platform, I’m thinking Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok. Right. So what we do is you create long form videos and you shoot them horizontally with your camera, with your phone, and that’s your equipment right there.

[00:28:04] Philip Fairley: And you create these videos. And when I say long form, they’re five to eight minutes and you put them on YouTube. You SEO the title, you put it in the description, you tag them appropriately for what the topics are that you’re, that you’re talking about. Let’s just use the example. It’s Um, three things you need to know before you get a divorce in North Carolina.

[00:28:23] Philip Fairley: That’s a good one. So if you use that example, so you, you talk about, and there’s a process, you get that video. And so now you have this five to eight minute edited, lightly edited video, and that’s your education you put on YouTube. And then what you do is. You take an AI tool, like start with Google Translate, and then you transcribe that into text.

[00:28:44] Philip Fairley: Yep. And then you go to another tool, like a Jasper AI, or there’s a couple others like that, that then will turn, that you feed it into that, and it will turn it into more of a conversation. Then you, what we suggest is grab your keywords for SEO. And plug them in. So now that process will take you about 15 20 minutes and now you’ve got a video and now you have a blog for your website.

[00:29:06] Philip Fairley: Yeah. And then you take that and you also have your newsletter written for you because you should be doing at least two to four long form videos a month. Don’t fall out of your chair. There’s a different reason for each. Volume of that. So when you take the video, you transcribe it, putting keywords for SEO, you got a blog, then what you do is you take that long form video and you slice it up into two to six short forms, 30 seconds.

[00:29:32] Philip Fairley: So now instead of four reasons or three reasons, why things you need to know before you get divorced, you just grab out, you cut out the one. And then you just put in, here’s one topic and here’s one other one, right? And then you put that on a schedule. So every two or three days, it’s going out to. Your Instagram, your tech, TikTok, your shorts, your reels, your YouTube short, that is YouTube short.

[00:29:52] Philip Fairley: So, then On top of that, you then take a separate email and you send it out to everybody who’s in your contact list, right? And then from there, you have a process in place. So you’ve got to look, you’ve got to learn how to shoot or how to distribute the videos on these different social media platforms.

[00:30:10] Philip Fairley: Spend a couple of weeks and figure out how to do that. Spend a couple of weeks on making sure you get your newsletter together because now you’ve got the content for it. Spend a couple of weeks to make sure you know how to upload this to your, to a blog on your website. Right? So now when you create this long form video, then you have it sliced up into shorts, you distribute that.

[00:30:29] Philip Fairley: So your social media and your organic social media marketing is taken care of. Your newsletters and your drip, your videos on your website, all your nurturing, everybody that’s contacted your firm needs to get drip those videos out that you’re creating that way you can get all the eyes on them. Don’t just put them on one.

[00:30:46] Philip Fairley: Don’t just pray for one platform. You create it once repurposed it for every other channel that you can think.

[00:30:52] Steve Fretzin: Yeah, it really, it really comes down to again, how you make content, create content, and then leverage content and do it in a way that’s gonna. Hit all the channels, hit all the people, break it down, multiple forms, audio, visual, you know, in all the different channels.

[00:31:08] Steve Fretzin: It’s really great stuff. Um, we could probably go into this for the next hour, but we got to wrap up the show. Um, I want to just mention, um You’re game changing, you’re a game changing podcast called, uh, what is it? No BS management.

[00:31:22] Philip Fairley: Well, I love that one. It’s completely non legal. Okay. What this is, it, it’s a CEO of a fortune one, 500, probably a fortune 50.

[00:31:31] Philip Fairley: And he goes out there and teaches you how to be a leader with high emotional intelligence. Okay, well, no, no. BSS leadership.

[00:31:39] Steve Fretzin: Oh, it’s called New. No. BSS Leadership or Management. Oh,

[00:31:42] Philip Fairley: you know what? I can’t, I, I can’t remember off the

[00:31:45] Steve Fretzin: top of my head. All right, no problem. No problem. Everybody check out No BSS Leadership slash Management now.

[00:31:50] Steve Fretzin: Uh, it’ll be, it’s a good one. It’s one of the two. It’s one of the two. And Philip, if people wanna get in touch with you, they want to hear more about video, uh, more about how to grow, grow through these channels. Um, what are the best, and I think you have a giveaway too. What what’s the, yeah. Uh, give us the, give us your contact information and then the giveaway that you’re

[00:32:06] Philip Fairley: suggesting.

[00:32:07] Philip Fairley: Yep. The best way to get ahold of me, um, is probably by email. And my email is still a P H I L I P at the Rainmaker Institute. We also have something that everyone should have. I don’t care how many people are in your marketing department and I don’t care if the marketing department is you, but if you go to the Rainmaker Institute.

[00:32:26] Philip Fairley: com forward slash be that lawyer. We want to give you a free YouTube channel optimization guide. Those are like 10 things that you have to do to your YouTube channel, or even to, to, to have your videos seen and then distributed from there. And it’s a really quick overview with some details about this is what you need to do for your chip.

[00:32:48] Philip Fairley: Yeah,

[00:32:48] Steve Fretzin: that’s really great. Um, Philip, thank you so much for being on the show. Um, as we wrap up, I want to thank our sponsors, of course, GetVisible, uh, helping people on the marketing side, the digital side, GetStaffedUp, helping you get staffed up, get some new, new people in your, in, you know, that, that work virtually, but that work for you.

[00:33:04] Steve Fretzin: And of course, Lawmatics, helping to automate, you know, your current, uh, database management systems into a marketing machine. Thanks so much, Philip. This was great. And I, and as soon as we wrap As I hit end record, you and I are going to stay on and we’re going to try to figure out some next steps to continue the collaboration, but I appreciate you being on the show and sharing your wisdom and this is a big part of, I think, where lawyers have to go to, to fully realize their potential as, as, you know, the marketing side of things.

[00:33:32] Steve Fretzin: I

[00:33:32] Philip Fairley: would say this is, the video is the biggest opportunity since local service ads and pay per click. Yeah. And I am not kidding you. This opportunity is so huge, the smallest and the biggest firms can compete quickly, but next year, this time, there’s going to be a lot more attorneys in it. There we

[00:33:49] Steve Fretzin: go.

[00:33:49] Steve Fretzin: There we go. Grab it now. Get in, get in while you, get in while you can. Fantastic. And thank you, everybody, for spending some time with Bill Uppeneye today talking about how to grow your law practice on the Be That Lawyer podcast. Always trying to help you be more confident and organized and a rainmaker to come.

[00:34:06] Steve Fretzin: Thank you, everybody. Be safe. Be well. We will talk again soon.

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