Robert Friedman: Before there is Marketing, there is Positioning

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Robert Friedman discuss:

  • Focusing on the client and what their needs are, both physical and psychographic. 
  • The five questions Robert asks each of his questions.  
  • Setting your aperture appropriately. 
  • Understanding your positioning and making it work for you. 


Key Takeaways:

  • When you can position yourself precisely, you won’t attract everyone, but you will attract the right clients to your firm. 
  • You have to do both the strategy work and the research work to know that you’re landing in the right space with your branding. 
  • If your message is not resonating with your potential referral sources and clients, then workshop it. Ask for feedback and be willing to listen. You don’t want to spin your wheels when a simple change could bring business growth. 
  • Focus on what makes you unique and make sure that comes across to your clients and potential clients. 


“The number one way to differentiate is to really think about what you value and what you stand for and put that upfront.” —  Robert Friedman


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About Robert Friedman: I am the founder of Fearless Branding. I work with experts in law and consulting who are at the top of their game, but whose firms are not realizing their full potential. They want bigger clients and more lucrative cases/engagements but they struggle to get traction with their ideal clients. 

Here’s what I find: Frequently, professional services and consulting firms deliver powerful, unique expertise but they don’t reap the rewards because the way they define their value is generic. They’re not controlling their own narrative. 

For over 20 years, I’ve worked with expert firms to transform the way they present themselves to their market. We define their unique brilliance and develop a winning narrative that answers their prospects’ most important question: “Why should we choose you.” 

My work delivers a complete brand transformation: I deliver firms a new way to talk about themselves and position themselves precisely in the minds of their ideal clients. Deliverables include brand identities, website (including all messaging), thought leadership marketing and guidance for the right language for business development conversations. Results are significant increase in average engagement size, driven by increased clarity and confidence. 

Before Fearless Branding I was in brand management for Kraft and other major food companies, and I was a “Mad Man” for big New York City advertising agencies.


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