Robert Weiss: Video Content for Thought Leadership

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Robert Weiss discuss:

  • Why creating video content is about more than video.
  • Authentic video content for your law firm and for your target audience.
  • Aligning video content with your law firm’s business strategy.
  • Planning to repurpose your video content before you ever film.

Key Takeaways:

  • Start with video content today if you’re not already doing it – even if it means hiring a professional to guide you through the process.
  • Authenticity trumps perfection. Your video does not need to be absolutely perfect, fully scripted, or error-free.
  • Start your videos with thought leadership – just take the time to answer the top five questions you get asked all the time and know the answer forward and backward.
  • There is power in video testimonials. While it may seem strange for your clients at first, people will say yes eventually if you keep asking and those will add additional strength to support your business.

“I’m not saying don’t ever do the brand video or the pro bono video, I’m saying, get started with the most value and get the needle to move.” —  Robert Weiss

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approach has allowed clients to increase sales, lead generation, improve SEO rankings,

increase awareness and client loyalty. Clients range from solo-entrepreneurs to global Fortune

500 companies across almost every industry. But more importantly have executed successful

business video strategy plans for every business objective.

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[00:00:00] Steve Fretzin: Hey everyone, listen up real quick. Before we begin the show, I’d like to present my Be That Lawyer challenge. If you’ve ever wondered how much more you could be making as an attorney, I challenge you to meet with me for 30 minutes to discuss your law firm. If I’m unable to identify ways to bring in more business for you, I’ll pay your hourly rate for our time together.

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[00:00:29] Narrator: You’re listening to Be That Lawyer, life changing strategies and resources for growing a successful law practice. Each episode, your host, author, and lawyer coach, Steve Fretzin, will take a deeper dive, helping you grow your law practice in less time with greater results. Now, here’s your host, Steve Fretzin.

[00:00:52] Steve Fretzin: Hi, everybody. Welcome to Be That Lawyer. I am Steve. Brett said, I hope you’re having a lovely day today. We are a show all about helping you to be that lawyer. Someone who’s confident, organized, and a skilled brand maker. My job every single week, twice a week is to bring you guests that are going to help enlighten you in subjects around, you know, growing your law practice and living the best lawyer’s life as possible.

[00:01:12] Steve Fretzin: And today is no different. I’ve got Robert waiting in the wings. How’s it going, buddy?

[00:01:16] Robert Weiss: Good. Thank you, Steve. Hello everybody for listening. Yeah.

[00:01:19] Steve Fretzin: And out there, out there in podcast land, right? Okay. Yeah, they’re all here. These, the people I’m so happy, Robert, the people that listen to my show are the most ambitious, interested, coachable, like wonderful attorneys.

[00:01:34] Steve Fretzin: I’ve got a great audience. So, um, you know, it’s, it’s not the negative people and it’s not the, the, the, you know, the cap cup half full. Which helps a lot, which

[00:01:42] Robert Weiss: helps a lot. And it’s a great segue into our topic today.

[00:01:45] Steve Fretzin: Yes. I’ve got more to come, more to come. Lead, but the segue that I typically fall back on is the quote of the show.

[00:01:53] Steve Fretzin: People love the quote of the show. Everybody tells me they love the quote of the show. There, I did a little Trump, a little Trump imitation. Terrible. Uh, here we go. So the first years, here’s the quote of the show, and this is a special by Robert Weiss himself, first thing to do when you start thinking about video is to forget about video.

[00:02:09] Steve Fretzin: That sounds like an original, uh, Robert Weiss quote. So talk to us about that quote.

[00:02:13] Robert Weiss: Well, there’s, when you mentioned the word video to businesses or that’s narrow, that’s niched down to lawyers, you know, their, their mind starts to wander from everything from, Oh, I’m going to shoot with my iPhone to saving private Ryan and everything in between because video is such an early stage of adoption right now, which is why I was saying it’s a great segue because the people that are listening


[00:02:37] Robert Weiss: they want to know the new thing.

[00:02:38] Robert Weiss: They need to get that competitive advantage. And right now, even though video is so ubiquitous, it’s still an early adopter thing, marketing tactic. So it’s great that we’re talking about it, but what I mean by that, whoa, is just that like, it’s not about video. It’s about your business objectives. Everybody on this show is creating content for something.

[00:03:08] Robert Weiss: They have a website, they have content on their website. They’re doing email marketing, they’re doing social, they’re doing client alerts, they’re doing a report for their pro bono practice. They’re going to an energy symposium and giving a presentation. They’re creating content and video is nothing more than content.

[00:03:30] Robert Weiss: That’s it. It’s like,

[00:03:31] Steve Fretzin: but it’s like an expression of like the content that you have in your head or the act of the things that you’re involved in, but you’re not, but unless, but you have to get that content out onto a media.

[00:03:41] Robert Weiss: Then that’s correct, right? So, but when you’re ready to do video, think about your business objectives.

[00:03:47] Robert Weiss: Am I going to that energy symposium? Well, I’m going to create content on energy and topics of energy. I’m not going to talk about cannabis or bankruptcy, right? Right. So, or so let your business strategy drive where you invest in video, which is just.

[00:04:08] Steve Fretzin: So before we get into the meat and potatoes of video, I mean, let’s go back and hear a little about your background in video and even before that, and then leading into, you know, kind

[00:04:19] Robert Weiss: of where you are today.

[00:04:21] Robert Weiss: Well, uh, I mean, I started my career as a sales guy and I’m still a sales and marketing guy and that’s, that’s what I do. I have a business, um, this is our 13th year in business. And as everybody listening knows, as an entrepreneur, you need to drive sales or, you know, casework in order to have a business and grow.

[00:04:41] Robert Weiss: Um, so I started this business without any background in video, none. I’m just like kind of personal shooting, that’s it, you know, with a prosumer camera on tape. Uh, but saw the writing on the wall because I, I did a lot of work in digital from building websites back in the day to email marketing when it was spam.

[00:05:02] Robert Weiss: Um, SEO, PPC, pearls. So I’ve been in the digital marketing world 20 years and saw the writing on the wall with video that it’s going to be super important for businesses. And even back then it was at the early, early, early adoption phase. So I threw my hat into the ring. Uh, I had a 24 year plan of building my business in terms of what I needed to do from zero.

[00:05:30] Robert Weiss: I build a portfolio, get clients, calm the bones, go to networking events. 13 years later, we’ve done 1400 videos across every single business objective that are out there. We have a broad skillset. I have a, I have a solid team. We have good repeating clients. And, you know, that’s, there’s more to come. And I was going to

[00:05:55] Steve Fretzin: say, there’s more to come on that.

[00:05:57] Steve Fretzin: Um, and for you guys listening, Robert Weiss is the president of multivision digital and, um, let’s get into it. And, and, and first of all, I always like to talk about, you know, problems first, solutions later. And, and there’s a hesitation that we all have and lawyers in particular. To do video. Um, I don’t know if it’s the perfectionist that lawyers tend to be, if it’s the risk aversion, if it’s just the fact that they look at themselves on video and they go, that doesn’t look or feel right.

[00:06:24] Steve Fretzin: I don’t like, like anything about it, but it, as you said, it’s become such an important medium that we can’t ignore it. So why do you think lawyers are so hesitant other than, I guess, what I just shared?

[00:06:36] Robert Weiss: Yeah. Um, I don’t know. Good to get in there. I knew. Well, I, well, I just gave you some reasons, risk aversion and all that, but.

[00:06:46] Robert Weiss: All of those reasons are certainly some of, yeah. But rather than start with, you know, that, and we’ll address a couple of those things, I think that I’m going to, I’m, I’m a hockey player, so I’m going to like kind of throw the gloves down and you can be like, you need to get started today if you’re not doing it or learn how to do it.

[00:07:03] Robert Weiss: And that might mean that you have to hire a professional. To make you understand the process or to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera because a lot of people are not and to guide you through the process and have you understand that you do not need a script when you’re on camera and the rationale is because you’re in front of clients all day long answering questions without a script and you are the professional that you are.

[00:07:30] Robert Weiss: One of the things that I say a lot with my clients, um, attorneys and non attorneys. Is that you don’t want to be perfect. Think about us today having this conversation. Yeah. You know, we’re stumbling. We’re But that


[00:07:43] Steve Fretzin: to be, but that I’ve done three camera shoots with scripts and teleprompters and everything.

[00:07:48] Steve Fretzin: I never liked it, never enjoyed it. And it was about perfection. And that’s, that’s the best thing about video today. Is that authenticity trumps perfection. Yes.

[00:07:59] Robert Weiss: Totally, totally agree. Yeah. And that’s what I tell all my clients. I actually want you to make a mistake. I go back to a Broadway show or a musical performance or some type of performance arts, like, I guarantee you the last one that you saw, they made a mistake.

[00:08:14] Robert Weiss: You just don’t know it because they played right through it. And that’s what professionals do. So we want you to be professional. And then when you start to build up your library of video content, somebody that is evaluating you will see you clean shaven with a button down on, in a suit, in a t shirt.

[00:08:37] Robert Weiss: Hair’s longer hair, shorter, but guess what? They’re going to get to know you. And one of the objections that you said, it was like, Oh, people are not going to like me. I’m not going to look good. Well, guess what? If they saw you in person, they will probably have the same impression that they do on video.

[00:08:56] Robert Weiss: Well, but let me,

[00:08:57] Steve Fretzin: let me insert something here too, because I also want to be clear and I want your take on this. If I’m, um, in a specific area of law, let’s say it’s personal injury. I’m dealing with sort of, you know, the, the world and the community. And I want to be authentic and I want to dance on camera.

[00:09:12] Steve Fretzin: I want to do crazy stuff on camera. And that’s what my clientele is open to. But if I’m, if I’m charging 1, 600 an hour doing a big law firm, M and a work, right, I’m not going to do dancing, dancing stuff on, on video. Yeah. Okay. So I just want to make it clear that people need to understand that there’s, and we’re going to get into this, that there’s, there’s video that, that can bring out your authentic side, but there’s some that you’ve got to look at who your buyers are and understand, you know, those targets and create content that’s going to be relevant and put you up on a pedestal,

[00:09:46] Robert Weiss: not knock you off of it.

[00:09:47] Robert Weiss: Yeah. Well, this goes back to the quote, right? First thing you do when you start thinking about video is to forget about video, which is going to your point right there, answering that question. Right, right, right,

[00:09:59] Steve Fretzin: right on. And so, so that all being kind of laid out as some foundation. Lawyers need to get started.

[00:10:08] Steve Fretzin: When are they even start? Like I, let’s say it’s a lawyer been doing practicing for 10 years, practicing for 10 years. And is in a position where they, they, nobody is important. They want to do it, but they’re not able to, you know, to just get it out. Like where do you even start?

[00:10:29] Robert Weiss: So again, I’m going to go back to the quote strategically, right?

[00:10:32] Robert Weiss: So align the contents to your business objective. Number one, like what industry, uh, personal injury, what, what are you, what are, what common questions are you talking about all the day, every day? What are you presenting to people to drive? Casework or thought leadership and start with that. Then it comes down to probably where your question is.

[00:10:54] Robert Weiss: What kind of videos? Yeah. Is

[00:10:56] Steve Fretzin: it, is it Zoom? Is it my iPhone? Is it a two camera shoot with a professional camera? Like what, you know,

[00:11:02] Robert Weiss: well, that’s, that’s, that’s how you’re going to do it. That’s the next step. Okay. That’s that’s, you know, what, what technology tools do you use to create the video? I’m talking about the content right now, right?

[00:11:16] Robert Weiss: And my suggestion if lawyers are, especially when they’re just getting started, thought leadership, subject matter expert type of content, because that allows them to do a lot of videos in a short amount of time that do not necessarily have to be super high produced, because that is mainly driven by talking head, right?

[00:11:40] Robert Weiss: So what they need to do is line up five or six things that they talk about all the time, common questions. We just did a remote shoot with the bankruptcy lawyer in, um, outside of New Orleans, I can’t remember the town, but outside of New Orleans, and he just answered four questions, what everybody gets asked all the time, and one of them, for example, was like, is bankruptcy going to ruin my credit?

[00:12:09] Robert Weiss: And I love this answer because it was like, well, you’re great. It’s probably hurt already. Yeah. You know, I’m not going to help

[00:12:16] Steve Fretzin: it,

[00:12:17] Robert Weiss: but it can’t hurt him. So in fact, you know, yeah, you might have like a short term bump, but in the end, bankruptcy is actually going to help you more so than hurt you. And that was one of four questions.

[00:12:28] Robert Weiss: And that’s something that people ask all the time. He had no problem answering that. We got done four videos in less than an hour. And then this, this kind of is getting to one of our next topics. And then his SEO team is going to create content around that for search engine optimization. We’ll talk about how videos supports SEO in a moment.

[00:12:49] Robert Weiss: But again, the strategy there was do thought leadership content. Yeah. And, and that allows them to do lots of videos in a short amount of time, relatively cost effectively versus maybe that pro bono video or the. Uh, they’re the brand video that I see a lot of firms doing with the people walking really slow, slow motion and there’s B roll, that’s a, that, that production takes a long time to do and many days, you know, so the budget that you would spend on a high level brand video, you could probably get five, 10, 15 types of thought leadership videos out of that, right?

[00:13:33] Robert Weiss: One that, the one that I say, you Once I got, I’m not saying don’t ever do the brand video or the pro bono video. I’m saying get started with the most value and, and get the needle to move. And then have your firm be like, wow, that was a good investment. It didn’t change the world, but it was a good investment and let’s do it again.

[00:13:54] Steve Fretzin: So it sounds like frequently asked questions is a great place to create content, answering those questions, putting them on your website or. You know, putting them in places where, where people can get their questions answered and show you as the expert without saying you’re an

[00:14:08] Robert Weiss: expert. Right, exactly. Yeah.

[00:14:10] Robert Weiss: And that’s the way the world works today. They want it. They want information that solves their problems and FAQs is a great way to go. And if you don’t have an FAQ page on your red website already, just listen, everybody that is listening to this podcast. No, like the top. Five to 10 questions. They get asked all the time now over and over and over again, over and over again, right?

[00:14:36] Robert Weiss: Start with those

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[00:16:32] Steve Fretzin: So I want to continue from this. So my question to you is, you know, there’s. A video where you and I are, you’re asking me questions as the videographer, I’m answering the questions, you’re videotaping that and that’s the content. Right. Okay. Then there’s videos that might be, um, where someone isn’t answering questions, but they’re reading a teleprompter and they’re just like reading.

[00:16:54] Steve Fretzin: This is how you handle a DUI. And they’re, they’re just kind of like reading along and it’s scripted. There’s some of, it might be again, on Zoom, some of it might be on your iPhone. I mean, how are you helping people figure out like what’s the best way to create content with all the different avenues

[00:17:10] Robert Weiss: that exist?

[00:17:11] Robert Weiss: Gotcha, gotcha. Okay. Uh, so for us, it starts with the business objectives. Okay. And, and then we’re gonna backtrack into creating the contents. Right? So you talked about using a teleprompter and q and a. For me, that feels like they’re both thought leadership types of content. So if I’m asking you a question, I’m asking you the question to solicit your answer, your thought leadership answer, and using a teleprompter, it’s kind of the same way, but it’s more scripted.

[00:17:43] Robert Weiss: But the final deliverable would be this thought leadership content, right? So that’s the business objective. Then if you wanted more like a credibility type of video. Right, I might have, like, 2 people, like, the Q& A, like, I wouldn’t have a videographer ask, you know, you the question, I would have some type of local leader, journalist, maybe up on stage somewhere, or come into your office, but somebody, somebody that somebody knows.

[00:18:14] Robert Weiss: Asking you those questions, social credibility was the word I was looking for to get you that social credibility, but that’s more of a


[00:18:20] Robert Weiss: play versus a thought leadership play because that video would probably be a little bit longer than that short thought leadership.

[00:18:29] Steve Fretzin: Yeah, I did some videos years ago.

[00:18:31] Steve Fretzin: They’re on YouTube where I sat with a client of mine, asked him to come in and, and just ask me some questions, things that he or she used to be challenged by, but isn’t anymore. But. Still was able to like, you know, sort of be a prop to, Hey, Steve, you know, my biggest challenge is this. And then I would just put talking to like looking at him and talking to him while the cameras were rolling was easier than me looking into a camera.

[00:18:54] Steve Fretzin: And you know, it was something that I found really, I found much more comfortable for me as someone who was, was fairly new to video and not. Looking into the lens and staring at it and talking, trying to smile, right? They were saying, smile while you talk. I was like, oh my God,

[00:19:08] Robert Weiss: that’s so uncomfortable. Yeah.

[00:19:10] Robert Weiss: Well, that being, that’s what I was saying before is where it makes sense for whoever’s listening, if they are uncomfortable to get started with the professional services company like mine, because the cameras and the equipment. Are really just the tools. It’s the professional services of being able to direct and help that person be who they are on camera when they’re not used to it.

[00:19:36] Robert Weiss: That’s, that’s the secret sauce with, with video companies. You know, we’re not, we’re not, I’m not a videographer. I hadn’t videographers that work for me. And the other thing is that, you know, again, for people listening, once you, once you do it two or three times. You’re going to get a lot better because you’ll understand what the process is.

[00:19:57] Robert Weiss: You’ll understand what it, what it means to edit and you’re going to be so much better your third, fourth, fifth, sixth time that it’s, it’s got, you’re going to get it down, you know, and then you’re going to be one of these guys that, you know, you’re going to have a, every quarter we’re going to do video.

[00:20:14] Robert Weiss: And you’re going to bang it out and you’re going to be so much farther ahead of your peers that are literally just getting started three years down. Yeah, and

[00:20:23] Steve Fretzin: then the dirty little secret around video too is the ability to, you know, have all this content, you can have it transcribed, it can be used as audio, like with this podcast is audio, but we also have the video content that we use for, for stuff.

[00:20:39] Steve Fretzin: And there’s, there’s the ability, and then it’s, it’s, how are you using it for the purposes of marketing? So can you talk about, all right, I’ve got, now I’ve got all these Q and A’s done. And how am I using them for all the different purposes that I can’t?

[00:20:53] Robert Weiss: So, first of all, this needs to be thought out before, not after.

[00:20:57] Robert Weiss: Like, whoever’s listening, if you think you could just, Oh, I’m going to take a little snippet and carve it out for social or this and that, then if you’re lucky, then that will happen. But you want to plan for that in the beginning. And we have something that we call the video first marketing strategy, which is just that.

[00:21:16] Robert Weiss: You start with the video. And you plan to speak keywords into it, or you plan for different target audiences or for different questions that you’re going to answer, and then you execute on that. Remember, video is just a piece of content, right? So then you take that video, and as you said, you transcribe it.

[00:21:40] Robert Weiss: And for me, like one of my keywords is, uh, video production company in New York. So I might say, oh, we’re a video production company in New York. You know, and we work well with other video production companies in New York, right? Yeah. So you have those, you say those keywords and then they get transcribed and then you take that in a client alert or in a blog post, and then you have all that contextual content, but you plug the video on the top of the page because videos are proven to add dwell time to those pages.

[00:22:14] Robert Weiss: So when somebody finds you in a search or maybe gets referenced to your website from a friend, they go to your website. And they dwell there longer, which increases their SEO. Videos are also proven to convert higher because people can understand more. They get more information, you know, with video versus reading.

[00:22:36] Robert Weiss: And then you also take that video and you put it on your bio page, me, me, or an industry page in your website. And then you take that video and then you do screen captures every 10 or 15 minutes with the caption of what you said, I say minutes, 15 seconds, and you have a minute and a half video, which you can take like maybe 10 screenshots with, and that’s 10 social posts that drive back to the website.

[00:23:06] Robert Weiss: Now, if you have four or five videos on a topic, you could do a press release on that. Hey, we just did this series of videos. You could also give it to an industry publication because industry publications are dying for thought leadership, educational content. And then you’ve got email nurturing potentially that you could plug videos into.

[00:23:27] Robert Weiss: So you take that video, video first marketing strategy, and you plan to leverage that video across your digital footprint. Yes, absolutely.

[00:23:39] Steve Fretzin: So there’s all this, it’s, it’s not just, Hey, I did a video and good for me. It’s it’s, I have a video and look at all the different ways that I can use it and you repurpose it and utilize it.

[00:23:48] Steve Fretzin: So it’s going to help me build my brand and get some business. Correct. The, the one that we didn’t talk about that I just want to wrap up on and then I want to go into understanding sort of like value and ROI. Although I think we just kind of covered some of that testimonials, I’m a big fan of hearing what other people have to say about a service, a product, you know, whether that’s a restaurant, whether that’s a, um, I’m, you know, I’m going to go to a new lawyer.

[00:24:12] Steve Fretzin: Um, people that want to talk with me might want to see some testimonial videos or read some testimonials. So how, how common or, or, or smart is it for people to, to, to see if their clients are willing to get, to give video testimonials and what’s the easiest way to do that?

[00:24:27] Robert Weiss: Yeah. I mean that, that’s, it’s challenging, right?

[00:24:31] Robert Weiss: Getting people to write reviews without even being on cameras. Yeah. Let it, let it. Right. Yeah. Right. Just keep on asking, keep on asking, keep on asking. That’s, that’s all that you can do. Alright, and the first couple times it will be art. But once you have a library of three or four or five video testimonials, that sixth person, it’s like, oh yeah, point them to that page.

[00:24:57] Robert Weiss: And, you know, like, they have five video testimonials so they can see you’re doing it well, you’re doing it professionally, other people have done it. And then it becomes almost a matter of fact, but it’s still, you know, that being said, I think any business owner or marketing person is challenged with getting testimonials and reviews and case

[00:25:20] Steve Fretzin: studies.

[00:25:21] Steve Fretzin: Yeah, and the last kind of question I have for you before we get to game changing book is, um, there’s do it yourself stuff, right? iPhone zoom type of videos. And there’s, there’s professional production, which is your focus mostly. Um, return on investment. I mean, if, if I’m going to spend 25 grand, okay.

[00:25:40] Steve Fretzin: That’s a lot of money. Might, maybe, maybe not. How can they sort of get like where this is going to lead them as it relates to, to the, you know, growing business or getting that money back in spades? Yeah.

[00:25:54] Robert Weiss: Every, every firm is different. So that’s why I’m hesitating on how to. Well, just tell them

[00:25:58] Steve Fretzin: they get, they get a billion times back.

[00:26:01] Steve Fretzin: Problem solved there, Robert.

[00:26:03] Robert Weiss: There you go.

[00:26:04] Steve Fretzin: No, I, I, I understand that there’s a variation. I’m looking, you know, I’m not saying give me a specific number, but like there’s, you know, people should understand that you get with things that are done, right. You get with thought and to your point way at the beginning, if you, if you have a plan and execute on it, the, you know, you’re going to, you’re going to get value.

[00:26:22] Steve Fretzin: You don’t, then it’s just, then you just, you just.

[00:26:24] Robert Weiss: I mean, video falls into the marketing world, right? And, and sometimes you never know where that, that lead is coming from, right? As much as you try to quantify things, as much as you try to kind of build metrics and KPIs into your whole process, you just kind of never know where the bucket’s going to fall over.

[00:26:45] Robert Weiss: But with video. Right now it’s still competitive differentiator. We are becoming, or maybe even have become, a nation of watchers first. That’s not to say we’re not going to read. Uh, thirdly, what digital marketing medium can communicate a partner’s presence, personality, expertise. More than video it does nothing now.

[00:27:13] Robert Weiss: It’s

[00:27:13] Steve Fretzin: it can it’s out of town, right? Yeah

[00:27:16] Robert Weiss: So why would you not want to do that period in the story? This is why everybody’s got a bio picture And then the last thing is that most video content lasts for a long time. Think about that That bankruptcy, uh, example, I said about like, will bankruptcy hurt my credit?

[00:27:35] Robert Weiss: We did that last month, but in 2023, that question is going to be good for another five, six, seven, eight years. Right. So as long as it’s done well, uh, professional quality, that one video will last that person for five, six, seven, eight years. Yeah. Okay. That’s a big thing. We give

[00:27:57] Steve Fretzin: Thanksgiving. Yeah. Okay. Well, really great stuff.

[00:28:01] Steve Fretzin: So lots of great, of great information to help somebody figure out the world of video. Let’s move on to our game changing book. And this is one that’s come up on the show a number of times. And it sounds like you’re a real fan of good to

[00:28:12] Robert Weiss: great. I am. Yeah, I have that marked up on my bookshelf and I do pull that out every so often.

[00:28:19] Robert Weiss: Uh, and I’m a big believer of the Hedgehog Prison. Which you need to explain because no one knows

[00:28:24] Steve Fretzin: what that is.

[00:28:26] Robert Weiss: Which means. Kind of don’t diversify, drill down into one thing and do it until you’re great at it. And that’s, that’s video. I mean, we’ve been asked over the years. Oh, do you do websites? Do you do social?

[00:28:39] Robert Weiss: Do you do this? You know, can you do a video first marketing strategy and actually, you know, execute it because we do it now. We just kind of give them like Pandora’s box where they open it up. But I never wanted to get, like, passwords and codes and things of that nature, too, it’s too complicated. So, doing video, we do video really, really well now.

[00:29:01] Robert Weiss: Do we do it great? Not yet, I don’t think. I think in some, some cases we do it great, but we’ve got ways to go with video. And so I, so I feel we do it great. And P. S. The world of video is changing right now. And there’s new things to explore variable data video, for example, manager, which is what, which is like when you get an email and it says, hi, Steve, well, mine says, hi, Robert, they’re using the merge fields.

[00:29:35] Robert Weiss: Right. Variable data. Yeah. There’s ways to now take data and plug it into video, which we’re experimenting with super, super

[00:29:44] Steve Fretzin: cool stuff. I mean, my buddy just showed me a video of him and it was animated. It was him talking with an animated head that looked like him. And I said, it doesn’t really look like you.

[00:29:53] Steve Fretzin: So I think it’s still in the early stages, but. I mean, that might be something too in the future is, is more and more AI generated, you know, cartoons or videos or things of, you know,

[00:30:05] Robert Weiss: yeah, we’ve done some, we’ve done some avatars as well, yeahs experiment to it. But, so, I mean, I, I don’t like, so web ai, because, uh, there’s, it’s, it’s a tool.

[00:30:16] Robert Weiss: Yeah. There’s different strokes for different folks. And I would say that I, me just talk about it for a minute. You’re gonna do AI video, then make sure you mix it with professional video. And we talked about DIY, you should be doing it yourself. If, if you don’t know how to do video, don’t start with that.

[00:30:34] Robert Weiss: Do it with professionals a few times. And then do your DIY

[00:30:40] Steve Fretzin: right out, right out. Hey, uh, Robert, as we wrap up, I want to thank our sponsors. Of course, uh, law Maddox, helping people automate their marketing with a CRM that, that really works. And I use it every day and, uh, I’ll get this podcast set up and all that.

[00:30:53] Steve Fretzin: I’ve got get staffed up using their full time service to make sure I’ve got all my marketing out there and running on a regular basis with my guy, Sergio down in Bogota. And of course, green cardigan marketing, helping their clients take it to the next level with their digital marketing. Um, if people want to get in touch with you, Robert, they want to learn more about your video services and get in touch with you to get going on video.

[00:31:14] Steve Fretzin: What’s the best way for them to reach you?

[00:31:17] Robert Weiss: Multivisiondigital. com. My contact information is at the top of the page, email and phone number. Yep. And we’ve got it all listed on dot com. Yes. Displaced.

[00:31:26] Steve Fretzin: Okay. And we’ve got it all in the show notes is what I was saying. Um, so no reason not to get started on no reason not that’s sort of a double double negative get started on video with screwing around.

[00:31:36] Steve Fretzin: Um, it’s, it’s a phenomenal way to, to, to build your brand and get great content out and, and talk to Robert if you need help with that. Thanks, Robert. I appreciate it. Yep. Thank you, Steve.

[00:31:46] Robert Weiss: Yeah. And I was going to say that

[00:31:48] Steve Fretzin: too. Thank you everybody for listening. Uh, you be that lawyer and we’re going to help you continue to get confident, organized and be a skilled Rainmaker.

[00:31:55] Steve Fretzin: Stay listening to the show. Don’t be shy about telling other people about it and giving us some great reviews. We’d love to continue to expand the show as we, uh, as we continue on with our fourth year coming up in 2024. So thank you everybody. Yeah. Pretty cool. Right. Thanks everybody. Take care. Be safe. Be well.

[00:32:12] Steve Fretzin: We’ll talk again soon.

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