Sahmra Stevenson: Technology and an Office Without Walls

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Sahmra Stevenson discuss:

  • Having a successful practice without being at a desk. 
  • Recognizing how your job affects your mental and physical health. 
  • Utilizing technology to create the workplace you want to have. 
  • Lessons learned as a virtual lawyer. 


Key Takeaways:

  • If you build it they will come. If you build opportunities and those you’re hiring understand the why, you will find the right team. 
  • Working as a remote team, you need to make the work visible. Not only does it prevent overlap, or wasted time, but it actually raises morale and helps people knowing who’s working on what.
  • Communicate thoroughly with your client about expectations.
  • There are many technology platforms out there that can help you give your client an in person experience without having to be directly involved at every step. Utilize what works for you and your firm. 


“It’s an outdated notion that clients need to come and look at your ego behind you on your wall in order for you to be effective. Live your life, do what you need to do.” —  Sahmra Stevenson


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