Scott Becker: Niche-centric Branding and Business Development

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Scott Becker discuss:

  • Overcoming barriers to build your book of business.
  • Working with others, including a coach or mentor, to learn how to build your practice.
  • Building your practice in a niche.
  • Niche-centric and client-centric businesses.

Key Takeaways:

  • Once you do the same thing 8-10 times, or more, people start to look at you as a serious professional trying to build something with a serious purpose.
  • You have to have great branding, together with great legal services delivery, and a great team of lawyers to deliver those services.
  • You have to be open for business, even if you’re not asking for business, constantly. Be in front of others and keep the two-way communication open.
  • To make a great lawyer, you have to have the ability to do great analytical work and combine that with really good personal and communication skills.

“You have to be great at something. Once you’re great at something, you understand what it takes to be great in other things. And so there’s obviously a cost to specialization, but it’s very hard to attract business, and serious business, without being great at something.” —  Scott Becker

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