Stacey Kalamaras: The Business of Law and Interacting with Others

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Stacey Kalamaras discuss:

  • How she moved from marketing and advertising to her second career in intellectual property law.
  • Adding value to your team and your company overall in whatever way you can.
  • Understanding how to interact with people to understand their problems.
  • What to do when networking, branding, and growing your book of business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding your client’s business will give them faith and trust in you as the lawyer.
  • Developing your book of business can be difficult, and it will be individual for every lawyer.
  • Play to your strengths in connecting with people and potential clients.
  • It’s the business of law – you can’t practice without your own clients.

“Remember, regardless of what size firm you go into, your internal partners are your clients. You need to make those people happy. If you make them happy, not only with your work product, but also with your can-do attitude, word is going to spread and everyone is going to want to work with you.” —  Stacey Kalamaras

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