Steve Gordon: Creating a Buzz with Your Book

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Steve Gordon discuss:

  • Why you should write a book (and how it can help your law firm grow). 
  • Changing your introduction and cementing your place as the expert. 
  • What it takes to write a book today. 
  • Using your book to get the right kind of clients. 


Key Takeaways:

  • You can build your network and get referrals by sharing information. Writing a book allows you to disseminate that information more widely and effectively.
  • Be a part of an organization that works to lift one another, not just lift yourself. 
  • The perceived hardest part of writing a book is actually the easiest part of it – writing it. There is a pattern and a structure that works well to reach audiences. You know your content and you are the expert. 
  • Your client doesn’t want a textbook, they want a transformation. Show them the transformation and the process. That makes a great lead-generating book. 


“There is no way to contain all of your expertise and give it all away in a 100 to 150 page book. That’s not the purpose of a book.” —  Steve Gordon


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