Steve Seckler: Coaching Superstar Lawyers

In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Steve Seckler discuss:

  • Steve’s professional journey from law school to coaching. 
  • Why Steve is well-suited to coaching lawyers, and how to know if a coach is right for you. 
  • Challenges lawyers face in their own personal development. 
  • Results that happen when coaches coach and the players play. 
  • Investing in coaching and changing the way you think about money. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Hiring a coach can help you to fill in the skill gaps that you might have, and help you to identify where they are if you don’t think you have any. 
  • Working with a coach can help you to focus your messaging and better articulate what you do that nobody else does. 
  • Communicating outside of work-related tasks only is key to understanding how the firm works and building your relationship skills. 
  • Your greatest insights will come when you work one-on-one with someone. There is a level of safety that allows for greater vulnerability. 


“Not everybody is coachable, they have to be willing to be coached. And, as you and I know, the best people to coach are actually the superstars.” —  Steve Seckler


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About Steve Seckler: Stephen E. Seckler, Esq. ([email protected]), is the President of Seckler Attorney Coaching. He is an award-winning coach who helps lawyers looking to build more satisfying careers. As Counsel to Counsel, he has coached hundreds of attorneys through career transitions and helped hundreds of lawyers to grow their income and become better leaders. You can listen to his podcast Counsel to Counsel wherever you get your podcasts or follow the link on his website.


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