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In today’s online world, many people turn to the Internet to find an attorney and/or legal information. From the second someone visits your website, they are passing judgment and forming opinions about your brand.

Unfortunately, many law firms woefully neglect their law firm internet marketing efforts.

As such, FRETZIN uses a systematic method to analyze our clients’ existing Internet presence. All our marketing engagements begin with an audit of your current online presence.

Website visitors form opinions about a company or a brand in less than two-tenths of a second.

Missouri University of Science and Technology

Website Audits

We begin to develop your law firm marketing strategy with an “audit” of your existing online presence. This encompasses the technical and aesthetic aspects of your website, the law firm’s search engine optimization (“SEO”), social media channels, and index information on numerous online legal and business directories.

“Prescription before diagnosis is malpractice.”  Steve Fretzin

The audit will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current online strategy. It can also survey the competitive landscape to assist you in determining where the “Blue Ocean” (the part of the ocean not stained red by competition) is.

In addition, the audit can provide concrete ideas of online channels that your firm can utilize to market itself. That may include an enhanced website, an email newsletter campaign, paid social media ads, search engine optimization or a Google ad campaign, among other things.


FRETZIN can then work with the firm to help identify and establish the firm brand, strategy and direction. This can include, among many other things, the firm’s logo, messaging, and law firm website homepage imagery.

When your firm’s new strategy goes live, FRETZIN will track key performance indicators (“KPI”) such as:

  • Total New Clients
  • Leads and Revenue
  • Cost Per Lead
  • Return on Marketing Investment

Measuring KPI and ROI will improve the effectiveness of your internet marketing campaign and help you determine which direction to proceed in the future.


The hub of your marketing universe is your law firm website. A website visitor will quickly leave your website if it appears unprofessional or old, has outdated or little content, the content is difficult to find, and/or it lacks engaging coloring, imagery and/or video. At FRETZIN, we are dedicated to helping lawyers understand why enhancing your website so that it reflects the level of professionalism of your firm is one of the best ways of enhancing your brand.
Just showing up is NOT half the battle in internet marketing.


The importance of law firm internet marketing cannot be overstated. As of October, 2018, there were more than four billion people using the internet. Expanding your online presence provides you access to potential clients like never before.

We create great design


You will be amazed at the level of customer service our attorney website design consultants will provide during your website development.

A law firm website is only as good as its content. Our team of attorney content writers are highly qualified, with years of experience writing legal copy for law firm websites and legal blog articles.

We will work with you for guidance on both website design and content. We will then take your feedback and combine it with our experience developing websites to create a website that impacts your business in a positive way.  We offer conversion tools that are designed to take a visitor through an experience. The ultimate goal is to drive them forward to connect with you on a new matter or opting into one of your website’s offerings such as signing up for your newsletter or downloading one of your firm’s promotional giveaways.


Most of our law firm website design work involves re-developing or re-doing a law firm’s existing site. The most common refrain we hear from attorneys is that “my website designer doesn’t understand what I do.”

Steve Fretzin has exclusively coached lawyers in their legal business development efforts for the past ten years. Our Director of Marketing Barry Zlotowicz has been a licensed attorney for twenty-five years. FRETZIN, Inc. is all legal all the time.

Unlike other digital marketing companies who work with any business from yoga studios to pet stores, FRETZIN only works with lawyers. Helping lawyers is our passion.


We will handle each and every aspect of your website development experience. We can and will:

  1. Purchase your URL
  2. Secure it with a SSL certificate
  3. Develop your website design
  4. Write your website content
  5. Utilize our photographers to take photos
  6. Shoot website video
  7. Optimize your website (search engine optimization)
  8. Claim your Google Business listing
  9. Ensure your firm’s name, address, phone number and URL are consistent across the web
  10. Provide you analytics on your website’s success and update/modify it as needed

In addition, we can establish and manage your social media on Facebook, Twitter and most importantly LinkedIn. We can manage your email newsletter campaign. We can run a Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaign for your firm. And much more.


You’re too busy being a great lawyer. Let FRETZIN handle your online presence and market your legal services for you!

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