Books authored

By Steve Fretzin

Legal Business Development Isn’t Rocket Science

While this book may not handle every single possible scenario you may run across, Steve has his finger on the pulse of the legal industry and what lawyers are challenged by every day. Take what you can from what Steve has learned and perfected legal business development, marketing, and networking to make it your own. This book solves so many things, with over 250 plus takeaways if you’re paying attention. It will answer questions including:

  • Does your networking group seem like a waste of time? The solution you need is here.
  • Is your mindset positive about business development and growing your book of business? Oh yeah, we have the goods.
  • Does the concept of cross-marketing have you stumped? Come on, you know it’s here!

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Sales-Free Selling

A top rated Amazon book, Sales-Free Selling teaches attorneys how to develop more business without using any “salesy” techniques or aggressive tactics to “close deals.” The book promotes asking, listening and qualifying over selling. Learn the art of selling without selling in Steve’s first novel.

The Attorney’s Networking Handbook

How many bad coffee meetings have you had? Where did they lead? What is your time really worth? Learn Steve’s tactical methodologies to effective networking in his second published work. We promise you’ll never look at networking the same way again.

The Ambitious Attorney:
Your Guide to Doubling or Even Tripling Your Book of Business

This book was specifically written for attorneys to cover most marketing, business development and networking challenges that they face on a daily basis. It’s a collection of essays from Steve’s articles published in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin between 2016 and 2019.

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