What is a Long-term Nurture Email Campaign?

Contributed by Jordan Ostroff, Esq., President of LegalEase Marketing

Have you ever signed up for an email list thinking you’ll be bombarded with content only to realize weeks later they are tumbleweeds in your inbox?

One of the most common mistakes attorneys make when it comes to automating their communication is not implementing a solid email nurture sequence.

This is not good, especially for attorneys. Once you have finally captured a prospect’s email, you want to keep them engaged and move them from the “maybe” stage to the “yes” stage of the hiring process. This is where a long-term nurture campaign comes into play.

A Long-Term Nurture email campaign is an automated series of emails, prompted by someone joining your list, which delivers appropriate, targeted information that helps guide the lead through the hiring process. As your prospect receives an email, they are presented with helpful information to ultimately consider and hopefully hire your firm to handle their case.

Lead nurturing emails can be comprised of:

  • Welcome emails

  • Educational emails

  • Emails that show your expertise and leadership

Not sure where to start? Here are 5 content ideas you can use for your long-term nurture series to keep your audience engaged.

Share a relevant story

We all love stories. It’s how we connect with others. So, make sure it’s relevant with a problem, solution and always bring some kind of emotion in it. We often buy based on emotion so why not bring it into your emails?

Your own story of how you started your practice is a great start to really pull on the heartstrings and engage the audience. People want to see that you are genuine so don’t B.S. it.

Showcase behind-the-scenes

People want to know what is going on behind the scenes, and in the age of social media, we value companies that are transparent and keep it real. If something interesting is happening at your firm, get the camera out and show the behind scenes through photos, videos, etc.

Tackle commonly asked question(s)

Your prospects have tons of questions, but you know what? Most won’t even ask, or simply won’t know what to ask, so it’s important to pose questions ahead of time. This will give your prospects more time to research, thus offering more trust. Answer these frequent questions, be a friend to them, and look out for them.

Feature important content from your website

If you have content on your website (If you don’t, you should), you can utilize it in your long term nurture campaign. This helps potential clients to stay top of mind, and it also encourages them to go back on your site.

Highlight former clients and positive reviews

Most likely, you have some great reviews on Google, Avvo, Yelp, or another online review site. Highlighting these reviews are great to add to your long term nurture campaign, because they remind your prospects how awesome you are as an attorney and why they should hire you.

Still not sure where to begin? At LegalEase Marketing, we’re experts at building long term nurture campaigns that are completely customizable for your firm. We can help with this and manifest your brand to help people feel like they really know you. Contact us today to get started.