3 Principles for Organic Legal Marketing in 2024

One of the biggest frustrations law firm owners face has nothing to do with statutes, laws, or their legal field. If you run a law firm, then you know what I’m about to write next; you’re frustrated with the process of growing your firm: how, what marketing channels to use, etc.. It’s not the lack of options that’s the problem, but rather the overwhelming abundance of marketing strategies available. Simplifying the complexity of modern legal marketing is achievable by focusing on three core principles of organic growth. These principles offer a strategic approach, tailored to meet the unique needs of a law firm, ensuring that marketing efforts are both effective and efficient.


These principles aren’t just about throwing strategies at the wall to see what sticks. In 2024, the landscape of legal marketing continues to evolve and following these trends is necessary to maximize your marketing budget.


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1.   Is your website built for SEO?

Is your website built for SEO? This question is critical because having an SEO campaign is no longer something that sets you apart from the competition. On top of that, SEO has evolved tremendously. Approaching legal SEO with a holistic mindset is essential. The real question now should be ‘How good is your website’s usability?’


Think about your website’s look, layout, and how it presents itself. Law firms, whether they’re focused on Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Family or Estate Law, need three key elements to shine when someone loads their site. The first, the law firm’s brand. Who you are, what your values are, and who your ideal customer is. Second, authority. Your site needs to present itself professionally. Lastly, the layout. How logical is the user’s journey? If you’re focused on fast conversions, if your ideal client is someone that needs your services immediately, is is obvious on your site?


The marketing challenge here isn’t just about having a website, it’s about making yours distinct and memorable while also adhering to the basic principles of holistic SEO and website design.


In a world where your next client is likely to find you online, your website is not just a digital business card but a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Why? Because without this pillar, without this cornerstone, your marketing dollars in other channels will be less efficient. If your other marketing channels are running on all gears but your website is lagging behind, that might cause some potential clients to fall off the radar.

2.   Are you making videos?

While it’s a common misconception, a large budget isn’t essential for successful video marketing. High production quality is beneficial, of course, but it’s not the only key to achieving your marketing aims. Depending on the type of video you could be looking at up to $10,000 per campaign. Maybe in the past you’ve considered making videos for your social channels or website. As we mentioned before, marketing has evolved and thinking of things holistically is the key. What does this have to do with videos? Well, adding a video to your home page, to your services pages, or to a high-performing blog, encompasses SEO, Web Design, and Video Marketing. You can shoot a video and cut it in different ways to adapt it for your website, your social media, and any other channel you use. But before you jump in, you need a plan.


Create a blueprint for your video efforts. This all depends on factors unique to your situation. How big your firm is, the type of law your practice, the type of client you engage with, and ultimately; how much time you have. If you practice a very niche-legal field, with clients that know about the law or technical details, then creating a long-form video bringing deep insights into the matter might be for you. However, if you practice personal injury law and your clients need your help more than they need a primer into statutes, court decisions, and legalese, then shorter, more fast-paced videos are probably best.


Consider specifically what you aim to accomplish. Are you looking to increase brand recognition, drive conversions, or get someone to enter a marketing funnel?

3.   Are you receiving reviews?

Consistently garnering Google reviews is a strategic necessity, not just something that you need to do every once in a while. For law firms, establishing a systematic process for reaching out to former and current clients is crucial in facilitating the flow of these reviews (and for making this manageable). This process directly impacts your firm’s local search rankings, a critical factor in attracting new clients in the digital age.


Setting up an automated system to get reviews can streamline this task, ensuring a steady stream of feedback without overwhelming your daily operations. Automation can take the form of email sequences triggered at the closure of a case or after significant interactions, tactfully requesting clients to share their experiences on your Google Business Profile. The key here is consistency and timing; reaching out when the client’s experience with your firm is fresh in their mind often yields the most genuine and helpful reviews.


Directing clients to your Google Business Profile should be effortless. Including direct links in your emails or digital correspondences removes barriers, making it more likely that a client will complete the review.


Moreover, these automated systems allow for regular engagement with your client base, reinforcing the relationship even after their case has concluded. This not only aids in obtaining reviews but also fosters a sense of ongoing connection, which can lead to repeat business and referrals.


We see the same problem arise time and time again. A firm reaches out and says “Well I have X amount of reviews and my competitor only has a bit more (or a bit less).” Oftentimes, a competitor receives their reviews in a consistent manner versus a bunch once every few months.

Are you ready to grow your business?

So, here’s the bottom line: In the legal marketing world, it’s about the whole package – your website, your content, your approach to reviews – everything working together. It’s not enough to just throw stuff out there and see what sticks. Legal marketing is often one of the most competitive and expensive marketing niches out there. Be deliberate, be consistent, and most importantly, be ready to adapt. That’s how you make your mark and keep growing in this ever-changing landscape.


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